Life is crucial

Jimmy Parker is depressed. His parents are split, his grandfather passed, and life can't get any worse...


3. The end

Jimmy waited until his mother was fast asleep. He tiptoed downstairs very quietly, went into the kitchen, opened the drawer and got a very sharp knife. "I love you grandpa..." he whispered quietly. He put the knife against his throat. "No, Jimmy. Don't do it", another voice said. Jimmy looked around. He saw no one. Who said that? He looked up. "Grandpa? Is that you?" Jimmy asked. It was just a voice in his head, yet it spoke so intently. Jimmy put the knife in the drawer and went back to bed. Jimmy had an absurd dream. He woke up the next morning and got ready for school. As he walked the halls with his classmates, the voice echoed in his head. "No, Jimmy. Don't do it...." "I won't, grandpa. I won't. For you."

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