Life is crucial

Jimmy Parker is depressed. His parents are split, his grandfather passed, and life can't get any worse...


1. The beginning...

"No! I don't want to live with a monster like you!" yelled Mary Parker, Jimmy Parker's mother. "You're going to live with me or you're going to get OUT!" yelled John Parker, Jimmy's dad. "Fine! I'll get out of this accursed house once and for all!", said Mary. "We're through!" That was the worst day of Jimmy's life. He'd witnessed his parents brutally split up. Jimmy lived with his mother, as she had custody of him. Jimmy was already sad, and life couldn't get any worse. It did. Mary upsettingly walked into Jimmy's room, and announced that Don Parker, Jimmy's grandfather, had died of a heart attack. Jimmy cried and cried. He was only 12. He was not used to the brutality of life. He could not stand it anymore. He walked into the kitchen, opened the drawer, got a sharp cutting knife, and "NO! DON'T DO IT!" yelled Mary as she walked into the room.

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