Life is crucial

Jimmy Parker is depressed. His parents are split, his grandfather passed, and life can't get any worse...


5. Success

After that gun shot, Jimmy ran into the room his mother was in.

"Mom! MOM!", yelled Jimmy as he ran.

"I'm okay, sweetie", said Mary, Jimmy's mother.

"You... you shot yourself..." Jimmy's eyes watered as he thought about the grim reality.

"I was trying to scare you into thinking that suicide is terrible, and it looks like you were convinced..." Mary said, eyes full of tears as well.

"Mom, I love you so so much" Jimmy said.

"I love you too, son" Mary replied.

Jimmy felt... better, you could say. He was acting happier in school and at home. He went to a therapist twice a week. But he still had thoughts. Traumatizing thoughts. But he had succeeded in being happy. Sort of happy...


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