Life is crucial

Jimmy Parker is depressed. His parents are split, his grandfather passed, and life can't get any worse...


4. Attempt (warning: contains blood and violence)

"AAAARGH!" Jimmy yelled as the knife cut into his leg. He couldn't take it. The least was he wanted to do was hurt himself. He felt terrible, so it wasn't worth it. He was in serious pain. Terrible pain. The blood ran down his leg in streams. He started to bleed out. He started to black out. He woke up in a weird room with a lot of medical equipment. Had a blood bag on a rack beside him. He was in a heavily inflated bed. His mother was right beside him, crying. She was...disappointed. And depressed that her son had suffered through this. Jimmy looked down at his left leg. Stitches on his upper thigh. The next day, Jimmy had heard a gun. A consistent 'click'. A 'POP'! 


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