Jimmy's friend who was a slave

This story is in the 1860s and the blacks wanted their freedom. But the whites didn't want the blacks to have their freedom. But there was a boy who was 12 years old at the time and he was white but he had a friend who was black. The 12 year old boy's name was Jimmy and his friend was a girl and her name was Katie.


2. The Funeral

  Jimmy went to the part of the farm where the slaves were working to see Katie. He found Katie working in the garden. "Hey" said Jimmy "Jimmy you shouldn't be here I don't want to get in trouble by your father again he told me that if I get help again I'll get punished" said Katie. "Ya I got in trouble too but I wanted to ask you something I thought maybe you could come to my mother's funeral in two hours she just died three days ago" Jimmy said. "I don't think thats a good idea because I don't think your dad wants a slave at his wife's funeral. 'But I want you to go because you're the only person that I trust and since I'm not getting along with my father I want you to be there" said Jimmy. "Ok then I'll go to the funeral with you" said Katie.

  After his conversation with Katie he went to the house to put on good clothes for the funeral. But he also needed to get clothes for Katie because since she was a slave she only had rags for clothes. So he had to go to his sister's room to get Katie nice clothes, Jimmy had a sister but she moved to Ohio to live with her aunt two years ago, but nobody will tell him what the reason was for her to leave. After Jimmy got clothes for Katie he went to go get Katie for the funeral. So he went over to where Katie was and gave her the clothes then she put them on then off the went. "Its only one mile down the road to where the funeral is" said Jimmy.  "So if you don't mind me asking what was your life before you got here" said Jimmy "horrible my slave owner was always wiping a slave or making them do to much work in one day" said Katie. When they finally got to the funeral they went and saw Jimmy's mother one last time then they had to bury her then they went outside and watch her be buried. But Jimmy never did see his father at his mother's funeral but Jimmy wasn't surprised, his father wasn't their because his father was always a drunk anyways so he was probably out drinking himself away.

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