Jimmy's friend who was a slave

This story is in the 1860s and the blacks wanted their freedom. But the whites didn't want the blacks to have their freedom. But there was a boy who was 12 years old at the time and he was white but he had a friend who was black. The 12 year old boy's name was Jimmy and his friend was a girl and her name was Katie.


3. Death

  The next day after the funeral Jimmy's dad commited suicide  and left a note for Jimmy, the note said "Jimmy I couldn't stand your mother not being here so I killed myself when everyone was at the funeral". That was hard for Jimmy because he was the one that found his father dead in bed that morning after the funeral. Jimmy didn't Know what to do our go, two hours later some people came and took the body away and took Jimmy away to live with another relative down the road. Jimmy didn't like the relative that he was going to live with it was his aunt martha and he new that she was poor and she would sell all the slaves for money and make him work all the time. But before Jimmy left he went to see Katie and had an idea. Jimmy told Katie his idea and talked her into it. After their conversation they went down to the lake that was in front of Jimmy's big manson then walked into the woods and Jimmy had some rope in his pocket and tied the rope on a branch and another rope around a branch for Katie then they hanged themselves. Jimmy's whole family died and his best friend in four days and that's four people.

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