The Other Side


1. The Day

*Flash Back*


Malia's POV


I was in the car listening to music and I looked up from turning it off and saw a semi truck on the wrong side of the street and tried swerving away from it and it smashed right into my car pushing me all they way to the back seat I felt my bones breakgin apart and the truck stopped and the drive got out. I got a sort of glimpse of him before I completely blacked out… I woke up in the hospital in a full body cast and opened my eyes and saw my dad sitting across from me crying his eyes out

Malia:Dad, Dad.

He looked up and saw me tears filled his eyes even more and he stood up and I saw holes in the wall behind him

Malia:What happened?

Dad:Your powers are-..Ronnie was here. they told us you might not live. He flipped out. But your alive so it’s okay.

Malia:Wait. What about my powers?

Dad:They were  enhanced.

Malia:What do you mean enhanced? Like.. Stronger.

He shook his head yes and hugged me lightly.

Dad:But we can not tell Ronnie. We have to wait and see what happens first.

I shook my head yes and he sat back down and the doctor came in and started talking. I can go home in the morning. But I have to stay in this cast for another 6 weeks and do physical therapy for a couple months.


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