The Other Side


2. Going Back

Present Day

Malia POV.

I finally get to go back to school now! I'm so ready for this shit! I miss my friends.

I got up and got dressed:white tank crop top, light blue skinny jeans, white pearl belly ring, lavender high top converse, white g-shock watch, 6 clear diamond stud earrings, took out my hazel contacts revealing my dark blue eyes, lavender "FAME" bucket hat, flat ironed my hair, lavender heart diamond necklace

And walked in the kitchen and saw my dad making breakfast

Dad:Be careful today. Ronnie keeps asking for you.

Malia:Okay. Bye!

I opened the door and didn't see Ronnie waiting for me. We stay in the same apartment building and we always went to school together. I got on my motorcycle and drove to school. I'm so nervous. I walked inside and was rushed by my best friends Kiona Angel and Roxanne and I laughed and smiled



Angel:Calm down.

I looked at angel and saw tears forming in her sweet brown eyes and she ran into my arms.

Angel:I missed you so much. I was so worried about you. Josh was on the verge of tears when he heard the news. Oh yeah Ronnie. C’mon we have to go see Ronnie!

She dragged me away and down some stairs and into a room and she turned the lights on and I saw Ronnie sitting in the corner and he shook his head

Ronnie:Turn the light off angel.

Angel:Open your eyes jerk.

He opened his red eyes and saw me and he jumped up and ran over to me

Ronnie:Malia? You’re.. You’re

Malia:It’s me Ron.

Ronnie:Oh my god. You’re back!

He picked me up swinging me in his arms and I smiled. I missed this a lot

Ronnie:I though-

Malia:My dad told me.

Ronnie:But your-

Malia:They’re fine. They actually got stronger.

Ronnie:Oh my god I missed you so much!

He squeezed me harder and I smiled.. I really missed this!

Ronnie:Don’t you ever scare me again in your entire life.

Malia:I’ll try.

Ronnie:Oh my God come to my house after school.

Malia:We can go now?

Ronnie:Race you there-


I zoomed away before they could even see me and I heard him running close behind so I picked up speed and he got closer. Wow he’s fast! I stopped lifting my feet off the ground and hovered in the air and he ran past me and I ran behind him and jumped on his back and turned his head and looked in my eyes and we laughed and I ran in our apartment building and up the stairs and into my apartment and closed the door and heard him come inside the building


Ronnie POV.

I walked inside and saw the whole building standing in the stairway. I’m surprised we can all fist here. I jumped up the stairs nervous to knock on the door I haven’t touched in almost a year and I knocked and she pulled me inside and kissed me quickly and I smiled on the inside and kissed her back and we fell on her couch and the T.V. clicked on and Vertigo- Jason Derulo and Jordin Sparks came on and we smiled. This was her favorite song, I took off her shirt and kissed her upper body and she whispered amazing things in my ear and she took off my shirt and we stripped our clothes together and I entered her and she let out a soft moan and I went a little faster and harder and she pinched my back her claws digging into my skin. I wrapped my hands around her back and lifted her putting her weight on me and I lifted her up and down slowly and she kissed my lips softly and  she spread her wings. They were beautiful. I missed seeing them so much. I flapped mine open and we floated in mid air and we heard her dad coming and I climbed off her and ran through our secret door into my apartment and she ran in the bathroom in her room and turned on the shower and I opened our secret door and blew her a kiss and she shooed me away. I love this girl

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