December miracle (Justin Bieber)

It's finally December and 18 years old, Arianna Gordon is getting busy. Her little sister, Lucia is sick with cancer and she have to go on Christmas shopping. In addition to all that, she is finally falling in love. Unfortunately is it in a busy, famous boy. How will Arianna's December be? Will Lucia get well? And how will it go between Arianna and her lover?
Read it in this little Christmas calendar.


2. Chapter 2 - Justin

“Darota” I said and looked up from my waffles with berries. She came into the dining room where I was eating my breakfast before I was going to school. “What Miss Arianna?” Darota said and sounded stressed. “I met a guy yesterday at Times Square” I told her and smiled. Darota got a big smile on her little face. “Do you like him?” she asked and smiled bigger. I nodded and smiled.

Darota is our housemaid and from Spain. She’s like a friend for me.

“But Darota.” She looked at me. “I think I’ve have seen him before. I just don’t know where” I said and looked a little confused. “Oh darling, is the boy going on your school?” I shake my head. “No, he’s not. His name is Justin. He told me he lives in New York right now, but was from Canada. Nothing else. I will never see him again, Darota!” “We will found him Miss Arianna. I’ll promise you” Darota said and send me a big smile. I nodded and smiled back to her.


I took a taxi to the school today. It was the December 2 and pretty cold. Normally I was going to school, but not when the weather wasn’t good. Like today.


The day was long like always. I was just looking out of the window at the white snow falling down and covered New York streets.

“Miss Gordon, do you have an answer for the question?” I waked up from my own little world and looked at my teacher. “Sorry, what was the question?” “You have to listen when I’m teaching” my teacher said and looked strictly at me. Then she asked another.

At my way home I decided to go to Times Square. Think if Justin was there again.

I was walking slowly down of Times Square when somebody laid a hand on my shoulder. I stopped and turned around. And trust me when I say my heart just stopped for a second. I think it was my lucky day today. Justin was standing right in front of me and smiled. “I was hoping I could find you here, and I think I was right” Justin said and laughed. “Oh, same here.” We laughed a little bit and then started walking together down of Times Square. “So tell me about yourself, your life, family?” Justin said and looked at me. “Ehm, I’m 18 years old, live with my parents and my little sister here in NY. My sister is sick with cancer, so I like to spend a lot of my time at home with her. She’s my little princess. I don’t know what I shall tell you. What do you want to know?” Justin stopped and I did the same. “Okay, I really think I like you, Arianna. I’m so thankful because I met you here again. That’s just perfect. I want you to know, that I want to spend all my time with you. After this I hope you don’t have a boyfriend, cause then it’s pretty awkward” Justin said and looked me in the eyes. “I don’t have a boyfriend, and I like you too, Justin.” “Give me your phone number and I will call you later. I have to go now, tell you about it later. See you soon, okay?” I nodded and Justin gave me a quickly hug and leaved.



I was at the hospital. My sister has got a chemotherapy treatment today, so she wasn’t feeling well, but I had to tell her about Justin.

“Heeey princess” I said when I came in to Lucia’s ward. She looked at me and showed me a big smile. “Arianna, I didn’t thought you were coming today” she said and sit up in the bed, so we could give each other a big hug.

“So, how are you baby?” I asked and took a chair and sat me. “I’m a little bit tired right now, and I have nausea” Lucia said and looked sad. She was tired of being sick.

“Everything is going to be alright, okay.” Lucia nodded and sends me a little smile.

“Oh Lucia! I have to tell you something!” I said eagerly. She looked at me and waited for me to continue. “I have met a boy. His name is Justin and he’s so sweet! I think you will like him,” I said and could feel I blushed. “So you’re in love with him?” Lucia said and laughed. “I think so” I answered and took Lucia into a hug.



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