December miracle (Justin Bieber)

It's finally December and 18 years old, Arianna Gordon is getting busy. Her little sister, Lucia is sick with cancer and she have to go on Christmas shopping. In addition to all that, she is finally falling in love. Unfortunately is it in a busy, famous boy. How will Arianna's December be? Will Lucia get well? And how will it go between Arianna and her lover?
Read it in this little Christmas calendar.


1. Chapter 1 - December

The show was falling down on the grey pavement. It was cold - maybe freezing temperatures, but it was also early. I was on my way through New Yorks Christmassy streets. I forgot my gloves at home, so my hands were so cold. I decided to go at Starbucks and get coffee.


My name is Arianna Gordon. I am 18 years old. I live in New York with my parents and my little sister, Lucia Gordon. She is 10 years old. She has cancer. It’s pretty hard and not easy to accept. But although she was sick, I still go to school and all that things. Boyfriend? No, I don’t have one. I think all boys are stupid when they hear about my sister. They get totally cold feet’s and run away. I’m so tired of that.


“One Caramel Brulée Latte” I said to the young boy at Starbucks. He nodded and started making it. A few minutes later they called my name and I got my Caramel Brulée Latte and walked against the school.

The lessons felt so much longer than normal. I was tired and I wanted to go home, but I should buy a present for Lucia. It was her birthday at the day after tomorrow and I had no idea what I should buy.


Finally the school was finished. I catch a taxi and drive into Times Square. The first thing I did was buying gloves to myself. Then I started searching for a present to Lucia.

Everyone was busy. They were on their way home, or on Christmas shopping. Some of the people run around with their coloured shopping bags.

I was one of the busy people. I was going in my own world when I felt a boy run directly in to me. We both felt down in the white snow at the street. Perfect. I didn’t have time for that right now.  

The boy was already standing on his feet again and handed me a hand. I took his hand and got up again.

“I’m so sorry” the boy said. At that second I looked him in his big brown eyes. I think I just felt in love. “Ehm, that’s okay” I said and looked down when I felt my chins blushed. “My name is Justin”. I looked up at him again. “Arianna”.




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