U see those girl at your school who are perfect,, and then at some point in ur lives u try to be like them,.


1. perfection

  My reflection laughs at me, except I'm not.

  The first thing that comes to my mind is... fat.. everywhere.

  How can anyone like me if I'm fat? 

 My muffin top stares at me, but doesn't win the staring contest.

  I hop on the scale and it says,,, (error), 

maybe I'M the error. Maybe I weigh too much for the scale to read.


Then my eyes trail off to my face.

UGH. How is anyone supposed to like me if I look fat, and zitty?

I try every trick I could to eradicate the zits, but nothing works. 

My face is red now, because I have been scrubbing too hard. 


My outfit is crazy. The mint red pants make me look even bigger, and this shirt is too tight. I change into a mint pair of skinny jeans, which made me cry, A loos shirt, that hated me, because now I couldn't see my studded belt, and a pair of Steve Madden's black shoes. It took me two full hours to do my hair, makeup, jewelry, and outfit. 

It's just so impossible to have perfection if your not pretty. 

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