When I Knew Niall


5. Zoomed Out

For the rest of class, y/n just pretty must blurred out. The science was so boring, so you just decided that you didn't care about that days class lessons. Y/n walked out of class after the bell rang. You rushed to your locker to get your books and hurried to your next class. You walked in and most poeple were already there. Niall always got to his classes first so hen you walked in, you expected to see him. But he wasn't there. You knew he wasn't sick, so you scanned the room one more time just to make sure you didn't miss him. Yet again, you didn't see him. Was he stuck in hallway traffic? No, he couldn't be. No one ever took the ways Niall did. Over the summer Niall would come to school once he got his schedual and he would find shortcuts to take to get to his classes faster so he would be first. You began to think maybe he was sick. He never misses school.

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