When I Knew Niall


6. The Truth

Where could he be? You thought over and over again about that question. Where was he? Was he sick? Was he hurt? Was he upset about something? You didn't know what was going on. He was never late. He had never missed a day of school in his life. Something was up. Y/n started to ask around if anyone had heard about him. Finally after a few minutes of asking someone said, "He texted me this morning. He said he was going to ditch.". You turned away and walked to your seat. What was he doing skipping school. His manager had to be pushing this kind of thing. His manager has had him doing all kinds of crazy stuff that Niall would never do on his own. Was he okay? You were very worried. Everything was just a big jumble of mysteries anymore. Nothing ever made since. Especially this. Niall never missed school. His manager had to be up with something, but what? How could you figure it out. How could you even talk to his manager without Niall knowing. Something strange was going on. Something very strange.

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