When I Knew Niall


4. Morning Class

Today when y/n walked into school you put your stuff in your locker. You walked down the hallway by yourself to your first class with your least favorite teacher, Mr, Tuner. He was awful. He didn't like you eather. You walked into the classroom and everyone turned and looked at you. You were wearing jeans with a blue shirt. You had sneakers on and quickly and quetly walked to your seat. When you sat down, you noticed everyone was still staring at you. You looked around and a boy came up randomly and gave you a hug. He stuck something on your back. It was a "kick me" sign. You tore it off not knowing what it was, and stood up and said, "DID YOU ALL PLAN THIS?! DID YOU HELP THEM MR. TURNER?! HOW COULD YOU LET YOUR STUDENTS PULL A PRANK ON A CLASSMATE?! YOU ARE THE WORST TEACHER EVER! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU WOULD LET ALL OF YOUR STUDENTS DO THIS TO SOMEONE!!!". You sat back down feeling embarressed that you said that. You sat straight up and tried to look proud of yourself. You turned around to the kid sitting behind you and said, "Was everyone in on this?". He replied by saying, "Just Mr. Turner's favorites knew about it because everyone in the front of the room is a favorite, and the people back here, we are kind of like yesterdays grabage.". You turned back around and looked at the front board. On it, it read, "Today we will be starting a new unit on the body and cells.". You moaned and put your head in your hands for a minute. You looked back up and Mr. Turner was about to start.

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