When I Knew Niall


2. By Myself

So y/n ended up going to the party, all by herself. She walked in, without her best friend, Niall, by her side. She walked in and the house was decorated with many decorations and lots of food and choices of drinks. "Hi y/n!" said someone. "Hey y/n!' said someone else. Everyone was greeting her as she walked in. Then the question was asked. "Wheres Niall?" asked someone. Y/n jumped and started to stammer, when y/n finally was able to spit some words out. "He's sick.", I lied. "I'm sorry to hear that." said Shelly, who was hosting the party. "Is he doing okay?" asked Shelly's little brother, Eric. "Yah, I guess." I said. "What does he have?" asked Shelly. "He has a bad cold." I lied.

Eric: Does he want me to run anything over to his house to cheer him up?

Y/n: He doesn't want anyone to catch his cold.

Eric: A little cold never bothered me. Let me grab my jacket and go over for a little bit to cheer him up.

Y/n: I don't know if that is a good idea.

Eric: Why not?

Y/n: ummmmm....... he's sleeping!

Shelly: Well send him a text that says; When you are awake please send Eric a text. He wants to see you.

Y/n: I think he left his phone at my house.

Shelly: Thats fine. We have his home phone number.

Eric: Yah, I could go call him right now.

Y/n: Maybe in a bit.

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