When I Knew Niall


1. Best Friends

"Hi y/n" said Niall. "Hi Niall" you said. Niall and you were best friends. You did everything together. You played together, ate together, even went to vocal lessons together. "Whats up?" asked Niall. You both stopped when you each saw each other. It was halloween and you both were in your costumes. You laughed at Niall's costume. He was dressed up like a fairy. Niall stopped and said, "What are you supposed to be?". You said, "I'm a penguin.". Niall and y/n both started laughing. You were dressed up in all black with with a white circle on your shirt for you belly. You had an orange beak and you had a black mask on. "You can really make anything work, can't you!" said Niall. You both laughed for a minute and then came back to reality. "What time is the party?", asked Niall. "Niall, are you ever going to remember what time you have to be somewhere? You have been doing this since you were 5!" said y/n. "It runs in my family!" said Niall playfully. "That is your new excuse for everything, isn't it." said y/n playfully back. "I don't know the last time we went to a party together." said Niall, "I just can't remember.". "It was just last month." said y/n. "I don't know if I should go." said Niall. "Why not?" asked y/n.

Niall: My vocal coack is wanting me to audition for some kind of singing competition show, and he says that I should devote all of my time to singing and practicing music and songs.

Y/N: I think you deserve halloween off. You have been working so hard and devoting every single second to music. I'm starting to wonder if you want to spend any time with me.

Niall: Of course I want to spend time with you. It's just, this is a great oppertunity for me and if I can make the music business, you can go on tour with me. It will be the two of us. The two best friends.

Y/N: I wanted us to go to the party together. Have the two best friends go to a party and hang out with our friends. It was an oppertunity to hang out and have a fun time with each other. I just wanted to spend time with you. That is all I want to do. When I can't spend time with my best friend, it hurts me. When someone tries to take you away from me, it hurts me. When someone hurts you, they are hurting me too. As your best friend, I think it is my duty to protect you and make you feel safe, to keep you away from the evils in the world.

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