Control Freak

What if you could truly control people? Make anyone think or feel what you want. You will know how it feels in this story of a guy who has that ability


1. Prologue

          Have you ever been controlled? I bet you have. By your parents, by society, by friends, you have been controlled at least once. Or so you think, you think that's being controlled. Being forced to do something against your will. No, definitely not. The meaning to control is the power to influence people's behavior or the course of events. Being controlled is not to have control someone else has it. No, what you call 'controlled' is really commanded. If you were controlled someone would have the ability to make you think, feel, and believe everything that they wish. What if you had the ability to do that? To make people feel and thing what you want. Well I do have that power I can control. This is my story of how controlling I really am. This is the story of a control freak.

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