Cate blames herself for the real Cate’s death. She switched their identities as the real Cate suggested on the papers she left. Now, she is living a different world where the new people she met on Cate's journal lives. The people that know and love the real her. The journal opens Cate’s eyes to the hurtful reality and slowly, she withdraws to the borrowed life and accidentally with Aiden’s journal where the unsaid and written words of love for her is compiled. She begins to understand what the real Cate wants to tell her, AIDEN IS THE REAL GUY FOR HER.


6. Chapter 5


I take a deep breath and turn the knob.

He is standing in front of me with his navy blue shirt and his ripped jeans.

His eyes linger to mine for seconds the he looks away then look back at me.

“Let’s go?” He asks me not looking at my eyes.

I step back from him. I sign for him to wait a moment and I run to the bathroom of my room. I look at the mirror and check if everything is on their right place and I sigh in relief.

What’s the matter with him?

I walk back to him and I shut my door. We are silent as we walk out his unit and until we are in the elevator. He doesn’t talk to me. The elevator dings and the silence between us is deafening. I want to break the silence but I cannot.

He was still talking to me in the morning but now, he is giving me the worst thing I want with him, silence.

“We could just go get some ice cream.”

I look at him and he licks his lips. Now I understand. He is nervous.

“Why the wide smile?” I did not notice that I am smiling.

“Nothing. You should really go to the party. You missed a party yesterday because of me.”

He went with me took my boxes of things in the house yesterday. It took us forever packing up more things and looking for some place to stay. He offered his apartment to me but I do not want to and when we got tired looking for a space for me, I accepted his offer and he sighed in relief. When we got back to his apartment, Jalen was waiting for us sitting outside his door. “I left the party because I cannot find the head of the chick you are with.” His face was so priceless, if I could just laugh out loud, I would do. Jalen helped us carry my boxes up to Aiden’s apartment and he told us we owed him a party that’s why here I am with Aiden in his car on our way to Jalen’s house for he is throwing a party for me.

“You mean ‘we’. We are going to the party. Oh, he is throwing a party for you. He likes you” He whispers to me and he wakes the engine.

I roll my eyes at him and we drive in silence to Jalen’s.

The music from Jalen’s house is blasting I am about to open the door when a hand lands on my arm.

I look at his hand and meet his eyes.

“You can’t go in there exposing too much of your skin.” He gives me his jacket and he jumps out the car.

I check what I am wearing. My top is a black tube with four ties at the back. The back is definitely open. I am wearing a tight jeans and a black boots and my head is downed.

“Ad! Where’s Cate?”

I roll my eyes at the sound of Jalen’s voice and I jump out the car.

I wave a hello at him and his face crumples.

“Why the hell are you wearing Ad’s black jacket? Cate, you effin’ not entering my party if you don’t pull off that.”

I look at Aiden, his hand rubbing his back neck. He is biting his lower lip and thinking. Then he is right beside me facing Jalen.

“Then we are leaving your party for ice cream.” His hand wraps around my wrist and I just look at him. His hand on my lower back guiding me back to his car.

“Jesus C! I hate the sight of that jacket but. Okay,okay. You can come in and enjoy my party!”

I look at Aiden and he smirks at me.

“Cool, brother.” They do their fist-bumps and hugging thing. And then Jalen hugs me and whisper to my ear, “You are wearing a sexy back, aren’t you?” I nod in his hug and he pulls away from me.

He is grinning at me and Aiden punch him lightly on the shoulder. “Watch your hands off her, Jalen.”

Jalen laughs and shrugs at me.

HE definitely know me, he mouthed and he face Aiden.

“Oh they won’t touch her with your jacket on her, bastard. Come on in!”

Jalen leads us in. Aiden is beside me, his arm around my waist as my arm goes around his. I walk with him with a smile I never had for a month since her death.

I punch a text to my phone that says “What does he means no one will laid a finger on me now? I’m a virus now?” and held it for Aiden to read.

“He means that that jacket, my jacket you are wearing is a mark of what is mine, my property.”

So it means that he has been into hundreds of party with different girls wearing this jacket?


I let go from his arm and slips off from his jacket.

“What are you doing?” He stops m from removing completely his jacket.

I take my phone from him angrily and punch a text and give him back with a face.

“What’s with the face?” He asks and he is laughing so much that every head turns toward us and I notice him, he is here.

My eyes are on him for a second then move swiftly to the girl beside him where his arm is around her shoulder. I look away from them and take a huge breath.

Aiden fixed the jacket on me I look at him and the worst smile I could ever give I flash it to him and I lean to him.


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