Cate blames herself for the real Cate’s death. She switched their identities as the real Cate suggested on the papers she left. Now, she is living a different world where the new people she met on Cate's journal lives. The people that know and love the real her. The journal opens Cate’s eyes to the hurtful reality and slowly, she withdraws to the borrowed life and accidentally with Aiden’s journal where the unsaid and written words of love for her is compiled. She begins to understand what the real Cate wants to tell her, AIDEN IS THE REAL GUY FOR HER.


4. Chapter 4


I am up late.

I was thinking all night about that one kiss she gave me. It’s just a two-second-kiss and I am obsessed about it. Would it happen again? And would it last a little longer next time?

I am shaken up from my reverie with the knock on my door.

I am expecting to see her face only to be disappointed by the face of my friend.

“Dude, you forget that we have a date today.”

My eyes move to Cate who is walking out her room. And then my gaze meets his haunted gaze. Both of his hands land on my shoulders and squeeze it hard and he gives me the look of you-must-be-kidding-me look.

I just shrug. His hands fall to his side. “Fuck dude. What’s that chick doing here? Why is that sexy girlfriend of Mr. Asshole mute now?” He murmurs as his eyes follow Cate to the living.

“I swear, you don’t want to hear it. Hey, where are we headed to?”

He side hug me and we walk and leave my room alone.

“We are supposed to search for a hot babe you might want to take home today. But seems like you’ve found the hottest chick in the world. Are you sleeping with her now?”

Cate locks herself in her room. I am left with a jackass Jalen in my kitchen with the delicious smell of food. I take a seat and so Jalen does.

“Surprise, surprise. Cate knows how to cook now.”

 It is not surprising to know she cooks because she loves to. But supposed to be, she doesn’t know how to cook. She should know that.

“Why are you playing with her?”

Jalen takes spoon after spoon of his food. He knows why.

And I am not playing with her. I am just supporting her.

“Oh yeah! You are effin’ madly in love with her. You think she’ll love you? Wake up dude.  You’ll just get hurt in the end, trust me.”

“Stop acting like I’m a bitch, Jalen.”

“Jesus! You are acting like a bitch, really. You can go hook up with some girls out there and you choose to be stuck in here with her with her dramas. Dude, accept the shitty fact that she won’t love or even like you back!”

I take a goddamn chance. Jalen knows that. Even if it is a one percent chance, I’ll grab it. I have patience. She, Cate will love me back. She will give her heart out to me whole.

I hear Cate’s door open. Jalen shut up.

“Cate, I didn’t know you cook best.” Jalen smiles at her and I can see that Cate is tense with her force smile to him.

“Mom’s a good teacher” She signs and I tell her to eat her breakfast and she shakes her head a NO.

“You have an errand?” Jalen continues talking to her.

“Supposed to be.”

“How you’ve been doing, after you know?”

I give Jalen a I’m going to kill you look and he shrugs I don’t have anything else to say his eyes say.

I excuse myself to use the bathroom.

I left Cate with Jalen alone. I left Jalen alone with Cate. I have nothing to be worried about. They should be fine together. They’ve done it before.

MY phone buzzed and I find a message from Catherine. She is checking on Cate. I sent back to her saying she’s fine and doing well. I wait for her to write back, but she did not so I left my phone that’s thrown on my bed.

I step out my room and hear Jalen laugh. He never laugh with Cate, not until now. They have always talk about serious craps and they don’t share jokes. And now, just now Jalen laugh.

“What are you laughing about?”

“Oh God dude. Read it yourself” He extends his hand and I take the phone. I look at Cate who is just smiling ear to ear. Good God, she’s so pretty when her face brightens up with her smile.

I read the text on the phone’s screen.

He’s loud. Like really really loud in bed last night. And I change my mind in seconds I shoo him out my room and he was like ‘What the fuck Cate? Seriously, we’re not finish yet’

What the hell. I look at Cate who is all red. I grin and sit beside her.

“I would like to try it tonight.”

“We have someplace to go you asshole.” I raise a brow at Jalen.

“Really dude. The babe will be expecting you tonight. Oh and Cate, you should go with us. Party time, honey!”

I look at Cate and her sad face is back. “I can’t. I got to pack my things up.”

“What did she say?”

Jalen doesn’t do sign language.

“She says only if you go naked”

I am elbowed by Cate.

“She says she needs to pack her things up.”

Pack her things? She’ll leave me? Where is she going now?

Jalen asks my question aloud and Cate bites down her lower lip which is so sexy to me.

“I’m moving out the house.” She signs and I tell Jalen what she has to say.

“God dude, I got to learn how you talk with your hands.” he pulls his hair in frustration.

 I laugh and Cate smiles at him.

“We’re not really going to find some girls today?”

“You can find someone to bed for your lunch Jalen but I’m not coming with you.”

“You hurt my feelings brother. Okay,” He stands and wiggle his brows.

“Well, thanks for the delicious breakfast, Cate. I got to go, my girl is waiting for me.” He says as he checks his watch.

“Take Care.”

HE left us in the kitchen. I look at Cate and she’s looking down at her phone. I can’t seem to find my voice alone with her after the kiss last night. Oh shit. It was just a peck!

I stand and turn my back at her.

“You Asshole! I will see you tonight at the party!” Jalen shouted before shutting my door close.

I look at Cate over my shoulder and our eyes meet. I smile and she smiles a little. She signs and my smile widens.


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