Deadly christmas

This christmas it's all about love and revenge .It is not easy being a child of parents who are cops. Will Casey be able to get out of her parents mess ? Will she ever have a normal christmas like other childeren ? Will she join her long dead brother? Will she be able to protect her love and family?


5. Torture

At first,as I opened my eyes I was not able to make out anything when my eyes finally got used to the darkness I looked around. I was in some kind of hallway it was littered by various things half of which I had never seen before and in a corner saw two people haunched over a table and playing cards with beer bottles littered around and I could smell  the cigar in the air. My head was thobbing horribly and my hands were hurting as the tight rope around my wrist was cutting into my wrist. I tried to loosen the ropes by moving my hand and didn't realise their was a vase near me and it fell down with a sound that seemed to be magnified in this huge room and suddenly the men looked up from their game straight at me their stare giving me a shiver down my sprine.

When one of them called out-

"Yo, jay, she is awake." he said 

I was not feeling too good by the sound of his voice and knew that something bad was going to happen.

When I finally heard it. The door opened with a bang and a tall hispanic man come out he had a dark brown eyes and a tattoo across his left forearm he looked very stong and sturdy and I knew he could toss me up and throw me with just one arm.

He came closed to me and took my face in his iron strong hands and brought my face closer to his and said in a sarcastic way-

"Look, Who graced as with their presence? Miss Casey Miller the famous daughter of famous parents"

"Who are you? and What do you want?" I said trying not to show my fear and acting brave in front of them.

"Well, you know I don't usually tell people my name I don't trust them I think they will tell the police . You see I am not very famous with the police but for you I will make an exception cause you will not be alive to tell anyone my name. My name is Jay Daniels." He said

Jay, Jay I have heard that name before but I could not remember.

Then as if reading my mind he said-

"Thinking where you have heard my name. Huh? Casey. Well I will tell you that later that is a suprise for another time. Oh I am gonna have so much fun." he said.

Now, I was way to scared to hide it and Jay must have seen it because he said

"Dont be scared casey I am not gonna touch you and I will not kill you now because their is no fun in killing you know I just love torturing and slow killing but I am not that bad Casey, I will have some presents for you too after all Its christmas today."

and with that he left my face and laughed a devilish smile that was enough to send a chill down my sprine and is laughter seemed to be echoing all over the place and then he became serious again and said-

"I am very disciplined if you can say so Casey, its 12 now I am gonna torture you every hour until you beg for mercy which you wont get Casey. I will have my revenge from your parents by you because of them I have suffered too much.

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