Deadly christmas

This christmas it's all about love and revenge .It is not easy being a child of parents who are cops. Will Casey be able to get out of her parents mess ? Will she ever have a normal christmas like other childeren ? Will she join her long dead brother? Will she be able to protect her love and family?


1. The Note

I was having good day after all it was a day before chritmas. But I was not with my parents as always . My parents were cops in the SFPD. My father joseph Miller was a Lieutant and my mom Rose Miller was a sergant. So , it was just me, bruno my dog and sarah my housekeeper. I had just called my parents to ask when were they coming home and they said they would be here in an hour so I thought I will make tonight's dinner with the help of Sarah. 

When all of a sudden Bruno started to bark, I had never seen him so agilated. He would go to the door scratch it and bark at it and come back and after sometime do it again. I thought their must be someone on the door and then to prove my theory the front door bell rang.

I went to the front door leaving Bruno and Sarah in the kitchen. When I opened the door there was no one there, I was confused , when I was about to close the door my eye suddenly caught a paper half-burried in the snow. I went out and pulled out the paper out of the snow. It was some kind of note and on it was addresed to me I opened it was written -

Dear Casey,

Having a wonderful christmas eve are you ? 

Well it is a pity having dinner all by your self  without your parents. Don't worry my darling when I come tommorrow you will enjoy your christmas and I would bring you the best christmas present in the world. I hope you have been a good this year because Santa's gonna punish you for being bad. D.I.W.F.Y



For about 10 secs I was confused who might have sent this note. That person knows my family and me quite well as he knew my parents stay away till late. Then I thought I have never told anyone this except my bestie Lindsay and..... of course there it was this letter was from Craig Tyler my boyfriend but he never sends notes like this so I thought I will ask him.I finally clled him,

" Hi, Craig looks like someone is sending sexist notes." I said

" Notes ? I haven't sent you any notes, Casey."

"Come on , why are you playing games with me."

" I swear Casey I haven't sent you any notes."

This got me confused but I thought not to tell Craig I knew he was telling the truth but if he doesn't sent me any notes than Who did?

"Hello, you there Casey? everything all right "

" yeah , everything all right Craig I was just playing a prank on you."

"Well then bye,"

" Love you bye, Craig"

I hung up the phone still confused. I thought of telling mom .

But, after some time I forgot all about it. That was my biggest mistake



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