Deadly christmas

This christmas it's all about love and revenge .It is not easy being a child of parents who are cops. Will Casey be able to get out of her parents mess ? Will she ever have a normal christmas like other childeren ? Will she join her long dead brother? Will she be able to protect her love and family?


2. The Message

Mom and Dad were finally home from work at well 11 in night. My parents loved me very much but they never had time for me they were always busy in work. Sometimes their work gave me goosebumps cause they were all about murders,killers and clues. There were times when some cases not only scares me but my parents too. It was hard keeping up with them and share the same courage that they had. Once in every months I always gets death threats from unkown numbers , at first I was very scared I told my parents about it they just wavered it and said it is something you have to get used for being the child of Cops. Well later on when I get threats I don't give much notice to them and I don't even bother telling my parents about it , which was my second mistake. 

It happened at midnight when I was chatting to some friends when a message came through

Hi, Casey 

How was the dinner I bet it was tasty. Anything made by you is tasty. In fact you are goddamn TASTY. Well

Y.A.G.T.D.S . Wish you don't live long.



This message was nothing like a death threat but it felt little out of the ordinary. But, I don't trouble my parents anymore about messages like this. I was not a child anymore I was 17 year old I am an adult not a pee wee who   trouble their parents with everything.

Well as always I didn't give much thought on it and went to sleep I was a little excited about tommorow getting gifts from family, friends and of course Craig and thinking about the parties tommorow I went back to sleep peacefully little did I know that I am gonna have sleep troubles for a few days after christmas

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