Deadly christmas

This christmas it's all about love and revenge .It is not easy being a child of parents who are cops. Will Casey be able to get out of her parents mess ? Will she ever have a normal christmas like other childeren ? Will she join her long dead brother? Will she be able to protect her love and family?


4. The Kidnapping

I went into my to get ready to go to the orphanage but before that I took out a box. In it was my priceless possesions. The memories of my brother there was a little strand of his hair, which once I cutted as a prank when he was sleeping and a photo of him and me together it was the christmas eve when the photo was taken. I missed him so much and this was one void in my chest that no one can fill.I wish he could come back but how could he. He was already dead, Ifmy parents were cops he would still be alive. I now tried hard to gulp down this feeling and move on.

I got into a new pair of jeans and a good-looking sweater and set off to the orphanage with the basket full of goodies with me.

When I reached the orphanage the childeren were waiting for me and they came like one big horde of animals. Well all of us had a good time we played lots of games and ate a hell lot of thinge when it was time to leave no one wanted to go. I got a call from Craig this was my cue to leave I was to my way to home.

"hi, blonde . how are you?" He said, and that got me laughing

"Since when did you started calling me blonde. Huh!" I said

"Since now, I was wondering if you could come to my house we could celebrate christmas together you know just you and me." he said. God I loved this boy.

"Just you and me huh I guess I could manage that."

"What is that sound?" He asked I was amazed he heard a sound and I could not and I turned to see what It was and soon enough saw a black van speeding towards me and some people with mask coming out of it towards me.

I had to apply no rocket science to know that they were coming for me, and I ran as fast as I could but they soon caught up with me and captured me in their restraing arms I screamed and shout but it was all in vain I fell down and was looking for any grabhold and was scrahing the pavement for anything to hold and suddenly remembered that Craig was still on the phone and shouted for him

"Craig, call my mom and tell her that-" I was cut mid sentance when something hit my head so hard that I could not overcome it and was knocked unconsious.

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