Deadly christmas

This christmas it's all about love and revenge .It is not easy being a child of parents who are cops. Will Casey be able to get out of her parents mess ? Will she ever have a normal christmas like other childeren ? Will she join her long dead brother? Will she be able to protect her love and family?


3. I wish he was here

Well, today was going to be wonderful It was Christmas after all.

I woke up at 7 in the morning a little early but that was okay. My Mom and Dad always left me presents even though I am 17 now but that was okay as long It was chocolates and some cool gifts and not dolls.

I went to the hall were the Christmas tree and gifts were and instead of finding my mom and dad Sarah was there cleaning the room.

"You are early today, Sarah and where are my parents?" I asked Sarah

I came in quietly so the words gave Sarah a fright and she almost jumped


"Oh! you up early Casey you almost gave me a fright. Your parents are gone." Sarah said a little slowly and scare



"I can see that my parents are gone but gone where?" I said a little annoyed.


"Well they have gone to their work."


"But it's Christmas today." Pretty sure that it explained it all.

"I am sorry,Casey but they had some urgent case to work on."


I could almost feel my tears coming in the eyes but I tried to hide it not wanting Sarah to see them and all of a sudden I thought of my brother I wished he was here , when ever mom and dad left me alone he was always there to comfort me but now he too have left me, It has been 2 years since he left, 2 years since he died . At first I used to blame my mom and dad for his death if they weren't cops my brother would have been alive but I know this isn't their fault but still......


I asked Sarah to bake some cupcakes so I could give them to childeren in orphanage. It was a type of family tradition but today I would complete this work witout my parents and I am pretty sure I would spend my Christmas alone too.

I only wish my brother was here.







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