Jigsaw Puzzle (BoyxBoy)

Luke is an open gay well he is until he moves to his new school which is half was across the world from his home town of Melbourne, Australia.

Luke starts getting bullied in his new school by the guy he thinks he has fallen in love with Mikey. The funny thing is Mikey used to work for his step-dad.

When Luke bumps into Jerath the new American in his school everything luke thought he felt for Mikey seem to disappear and Jerath is everything he thinks he needs.

Will luke find out who he actually loves or will it be too late ?


1. Prologue




Another day but my last day at this stupid school.

Another day but my last day with people who don't give a fuck about you because there lives are too perfect cause they're popular, me on the other hand aren't popular but I don't have the worse school life unlike some. Maybe I should tell you a bit about myself. My name is Luke Kingstone. I'm 16, I live in Melbourne, Australia well for the time being as I'm being moved to a little city in West Yorkshire, England I think. I'm a open gay and your probably wondering why I ain't bullied for being gay well let me answer that my older brother Charlie is the captain of the schools football team and people are scared of him so they daren't say anything to me. I have short blonde hair that is curly but in a messy way. I have green eyes that have a tint of blue on them. I'm not sporty but I do like to work out so I have well built arms, legs and stomach... Yes I have abs. Walking down the school corridor to collect my books from my locker for period two. I reach my locker and turn the dial on the lock. I open my locker, shove my books in and collect my biology books. "Hey Lukey Boy" I hear a familiar voice call. I turn round and see Thomas, my boyfriend come waking over to me.

"Hey babe" I smile towards him.

"You ready for Bio?" He asks. I shake my head and shit my locker. I take hold of his hand and we head to biology with Mr Hook.

"I'm going to miss you Tom"

"Babe, I'll miss you too, I don't want you to leave" I stop and look up at Tom as he happens to me a few inches taller then me. His eyes are watery like he about to cry.

"Come here you fool" I wrap my arms around his neck.

"I love you Lukey, and don't you forget it" He cries into my shoulder.

"I love you too and I promise I won't" I lift up his chin with my hand and make him look at me.

"Don't forget about me" He asks.

"Never" I smile before connecting our lips. The was salty and gentle but was very much needed as I can't see my life being any good with out him. We pull away and continue to bio before the second bell rings. We enter the classroom and take our seats at the back of the class next to Jessica and Frankie, my BBF's. Mr Hook enters his classroom and starts going on about the female reproduction system. Jess turns to me and whispers into my ear "Sir is going all red and flustered to be honest you'd think he would be used to teaching this topic".

"I know right but have you seen how immature the lads are in this class" I laugh.

"True" she giggles. Her laugh is contagious that I end up laughing even more when Mr Hook yelled.

"Miss Hudson and Mr Kingstone care to explain what's so funny?"

"Yeah sure Sir" Jess replied.

"Go on" He told her.

"We're laughing because your all red and flustered and the lads in this class are making sexual noises" she pointed out. The whole class breaks out into laughter and Sir goes even brighter then before. The whole lesson pretty much went the same way really, lads making moaning noises and Sir going even more redder when we went into detail about the topic. I went back to my locker to put my book back into my locker and grabbed my PE bag then headed for the changing room. I began stripping down to my boxers when I felt two muscular arms wrap round my waist. I smile when I realise who it is.

"Charlie, why are you hugging me" I ask my brother.

"Can't I hug my brother now" He replied.

"No but you never hug me so What do you want?" I remove his hand and turn round.

"Fine... when we move to England I want you to hide your sexuality as I don't want to have to protect you again as I might not be on the football team and England is different from Australia being gay isn't really accepted there" He half smiles. I felt a bit hurt by his words but he was right, England is different from here and maybe being gay isn't accepted as much but I don't want to have to hide me being gay but for him I will as he's done some much for me that I at least owe him this. I smile weakly but nod.

"Fine, I'll do it" I say and Charlie hugs me again and then leaves me to put my PE kit on. I get dressed and head to the Gym and start warming up so I don't pull a muscle. After half an hour on the treadmill I begin to work up a sweat and think it's time I start doing some bench presses. Frankie walks up to me and smiles weakly. "Don't leave Luke" she says almost crying. I wrap my arms around her and she begins to cry.

"My mum took the promotion and we have to move to England Frank" I say almost to tears.

"Please.... I need you"

"I can't and I know your having problems with Ted but things will work out like normal, Baby girl you'll be fine" I kiss the top of her head and she calms down. I wipe her tears and we begin to bench press together, Laughing and talking about random stuff to pass the time. After lesson I get dressed and walk down to the cafeteria. I grab an apple, salad and a bottle of water and pay Joyce. I begin to walk down to our usual table and notice Thomas with his tongue down Chloe's throat. I drop my good and sprint out of the cafeteria to the toilets. I lock myself in a cubical and cry my eyes out. My phone beeps but I ignore it when Kiss me Kiss me by 5 Seconds Of Summer begins to play. I look at my phone and see it's Frankie calling so I answer it. "Hello" I say quietly.

"Luke... I'm so sorry" Thomas say down Franks phone. He knows I wouldn't of answered if he rang so he uses Franks phone. Smart love jerk.

"Fuck off Thomas" I curse.

"Come out of the toilets and talk properly please"

"Nope" I pop the the P.

"Fine let me in" I hang up and unlock the cubical door. Thomas enters and locks it behind him. I stare blankly at him and let more tears fall from my eyes. He steps forward to wipe them away but I shuffle back away from him.

"Luke, I'm so sorry"


"Cause you wasn't giving me none and you were leaving and couldn't be left alone without you" he explains. Isn't that the worlds stupidest excuse I've ever heard. I laughed and slapped him across the face and unlocked the door and walked out leaving him gobsmacked. My other lessons went by really slowly at the moment in time I'm clearing my locker and removing my pictures from the inside of my locker door. Thomas has been trying to talk me to all last lesson but I kept giving him the silent treatment. Well isn't that the best was to remember my last day in Melbourne by finding out my boyfriend is a cheating hoe. It just fucking perfect. I grab my box full of stuff and walk out of the school to Charlie's car. I say goodbyes to Frankie and Jessica but completely ignore Thomas and get into the car. Charlie's starts the engine and pulls out of school. O stare one last time at it and let out a heavy sigh.

"What's up Lukey?" Charlie asks.

"Thomas cheated on me and I've only just found out" I say holding back my tears. I really did love him but I guess he didn't love me back.

"You can do so much better then him and I hear the English boys are really cute" he try's to cheer me up which worked a little but my heart was breaking at any thought of Thomas. Come on England please give me a new life and hopefully help me forget about that dick head. The whole drive was silent and I mean silent, the radio wasn't even on. Charlie concentrated on the road while I stared out of the window. We pulled up outside our house and I got out. I opened the boot and grabbed my box, slamming the boot closed. I walked up the the first door, opened it and headed upstairs to my empty room. Mum has already had everything shipped over to our new house, all that's left in my room is this box, my bed and my suitcases. I collapse onto the bed and start crying into the pillow. I hear a knock at my door and my baby brother Ashton walking to my room and snuggles up to me on my bed. It's funny how my mum only gave birth to boys even though she would like a girl and I would love to have a sister.

"Gon't wry ukey" Ashton say. In English that mean don't cry Lukey. Ashton is 3 and has brown curly hair and blue eyes like mum while me and Charlie have blonde hair and green eyes like my dad.

"I'm not crying Ash" I lied and he slapped me and pouted.

"Gon't ie" Ash raised his voice. Don't lie is what he's saying. I think I'm going to get pissed off with translating his language.

"Sorry, It's just Tommy broke my heart" I say crying again. Tommy is what Ash Calls Thomas.

"Bad Tommy, I ate im" he say which puts a smile on my face.

"Hate not ate" I correct him.

"Ut up ukey" he says hitting me again. shut up Lukey is what he said.

"Okay, Night Ashy" I kiss his head and close my eyes with Ash in my arms. I may have only just finished school but I feel like I have had all the energy and life sucked out of me and all I need to do is sleep. I began to drift in and out of consciousness until I was fully asleep.

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