Jigsaw Puzzle (BoyxBoy)

Luke is an open gay well he is until he moves to his new school which is half was across the world from his home town of Melbourne, Australia.

Luke starts getting bullied in his new school by the guy he thinks he has fallen in love with Mikey. The funny thing is Mikey used to work for his step-dad.

When Luke bumps into Jerath the new American in his school everything luke thought he felt for Mikey seem to disappear and Jerath is everything he thinks he needs.

Will luke find out who he actually loves or will it be too late ?


3. New School


~~Chapter 2 - New School~~


I woke up with the image of Mikey's sculptured abs in my head.. Jesus they're a piece of art. I stretch my arm and pull the quilt off my body. I walk into my bathroom take a quick shower, brush my teeth and dry my body. I thrown on a pair of clean boxers, pair of socks, black trousers, white shirt, blue blazer and blue and white striped tie. Apparently at my new school you have to wear uniforms... yippy. I fastened my converse and headed downstairs but no before taking my phone off charge.

I enter the kitchen with the smell of Layla our chef cooking some pancakes. "Morning Luke" she smiled.

"Mum and Keith up yet?" I asked.

"No yet but they will be soon"

"Okay, does Mikey go to school or work here all day?"

"Nope my son and daughter both go to the same school as you"

"Wait... Mikey is your son and you have a daughter" I say in shock, okay so that's why Mikey works here... duh.

"Yeah and my daughter is his twin sister Catalina"

"Cool. well I better get going to my first day of school"

"Good bye Luke have a great day" she smiles and I waved goodbye. Layla seem quite nice and that fact that she gave birth to Mikey makes her my favourite person too.

I reached the school gate and the school seem quite big more likening. It has an old fashioned look to it and have ivy all over the wall. I follow sighs to reception and get my timetable, books for all my lessons and locker number and combination. I now follow the reception ladies directions and find my locker number 365. I take a long hard look at my timetable and see what books I need for period one... science with Mr Clyde. I placed the rest of my book in my locker and slam it shut.

I hear the bell ring twice which singles lesson has already begun and I didn't think English schools would be so much like Australian school but with out the uniforms. I sprint down the corridor to classroom 26S. I open the door and every bodies eyes land on me. I make my way to the teachers desk and smile weakly. "sorry for being late, I'm new and I kind of got lost" I explained.

"You must be Luke our Australian transfer" he smiled. I nodded and he handed my a book to fill all my information down on it like name, teacher, subject, room and class number.

"That seat at the far conner Luke and were just leant about photosynthesis" Mr Clyde told me. Aww yes how place reproduce such a not so interesting topic which I've done twelve times over. I take my seat at the back and fill in my information.

"Psssst" I hear.

"Psssst" I hear again. I turn to my left a see a tall, brunette haired girl smiling at me.

"Your Luke as in Keith's new step-son?" She asked, I nodded an wounded how she new that.

"I'm Catalina, Layla's daughter and your mums maid" she explains and that answers that question.

"Oh, hey" I finally spoke.

"Show us your time table and I'll see if I'm in your next lesson?" I nodded and handed her my timetable which just so happens to be the same as hers and Mikey's. The end of lesson bell rang and I grabbed my bag and books and headed out of the door.

"LUKE!!" Catalina yelled. I stopped and turned round.


"I'll show you to class and I was hoping we could be friends as well seen as nobody ever talks to me here" she smiled, I nodded to be honest I liked the sound of her being my friend, she seems nice and friendly.

"Sure I'll be your friend in and out of school" I smiled.

We went to our lockers and got out books and headed to period two Music with Miss Chesterfield.

Music wasn't bad but the teacher was horrible, I've never wanted to get out of a lesson so much in my life. I'm sat in English right now watching Romeo and Juliet. Leonardo DiCaprio is such a handsome man, he can go down on me any day... okay that doesn't sound quite right but who cares. Cat has told pretty much who to avoid and who's okay in the school like the queen bee Ava and her boyfriend Mikey which happens to be my servant. I thought he was gay or at least bi at a push. I feel a tap on my shoulder and I see it's Cat.

"Hey" she whispers.

"Yeah" I reply

"You said that last bit out load" she say and I blush instantly as I hide my face in my arms.

"Ooops" I laugh awkwardly.

"It's okay I'm the only one who heard... hopefully" she smiled sweetly.

Me and Catalina walks into the dinner hall and everybody's eyes are on me again. I feel my self turn slightly pink. I continue walking towards the food stand see what's to offer. Pasta and tomato and basil sauce sounds nice. I pay for my food and take a seat on the back table away from the 'populars'. I can feel eyes burning into the back of my neck. I turn round slowly to see who it is and I find Mikey glaring at me. Maybe he heard. He shouldn't of have. Dammit. I turn round to Catalina and she looks all smiley and happy. "What's up princess" I say with a cheeky grin.

"You like my brother?" she smiled bigger.


"Don't lie to me"

"Yes. No. Maybe. I don't know okay"

"You know he's pretty much straight"


"So you gonna give up"


"Dam that's such a shame as he can't stop staring at you"

"He's probably hear what I said about him in English that's all"

"I doubt it and btw he's on his way over"

"Fuck" I curse and turn in his direction. he actually is walking over. DAMMIT!!! He stops in front of our table and look at me and then Cat.

"Cat what are you doing with the bosses step son" he ask.

"Helping around school and two he now my friend" she snaps.

"Keep away from him as he's trouble" he says aiming glares at me.

"I am here you know and two I could get your sorry little ass fired" I say quite loud.

"You wouldn't"

"I would"

"I'm your eye candy remember"

"That can change"

"Fine whatever" and with that Mikey left and I looked at Cat who was confused about what just happened.

"I'll tell you at home" I say standing up and walking to the male toilets. I look at my face in the mirror and sigh heavy well this day seems to interesting. I hear the door open and I see Mikey and a bunch of friend standing with him.

"Fuck off Mikey, I can get your fired if you hurt me" I curse.

"No you wouldn't as I tell your step dad your gay" He said and all his mates sniggered and laughed.

" what's my sexuality got to do with it?" I say then all of a sudden horrible words were being thrown at me.



"Dick sucker"

"Quire bastered"

"Butt fucker"

"HIV spreader"

The next this I know is that Mikey is punching my face and others are kicking my ribs. The four period bell rings and they leave the toilets. I clean up my face and make my way to PE but before I could even get into the changing room the coach drags me into his office. "Luke, why do you look like the rear end of a bus?" He asked not like I understood that metaphor.

"Nothing just got into a little mishap with a wet floor" I lied.

"Well I can't let you play looking like that so go to the nurse and she'll sort you out" coach suggested. I nodded and left his office. I find the first aid and sit on the bed while nurse Enderson check out my face.

"I can say that it's just going to be badly bruised" she smiled.

"Okay thanks" I say about to get up.

"Wait... who did this to you?" she asked.

"No thing, I feel on a wet floor and hit my face against the sink" I lied.

"Okay but if it happens again, I'm going to he thinking something different okay" she sighed and I left the first aid room. I went to my locker and checked my phone. No missed calls or texts. Wow I'm very unpopular. I must have been staring at my phone for a while because the period five bell rang and I see everybody rushing out of their classes. I head to history and take my seat at the back and stare out the window how could my own servant do that to me, his bosses step son.

I finally get back home and ignore my mum, brothers, step dad and run to my bedroom. All I want to do is cry. I begin punching my pillow hard and screaming into it. I hear a knock at the door and I see the only persons on the world I didn't want to see... Mikey. "Get the fuck out now" I spit out.

"Luke, let me explain" he pleads.

"No, you did this to me" I point to my face.

"I'm so sorry about that, I had to prove that I still run the and you don't run me"

"Well I do remember you work for me"

"Yeah I know but I can't have people knowing that"

"So you thought you would beat the crap out of me" I say getting off my bed and walking towards him.

"I never meant to do that okay" he say walking towards me.

"Like you didn't mean to tell them I'm gay" I say dead in front of him.

"That slipped out" he looked into my eyes and I felt my heart melt into my hands.

"Well I can't forgive you" I cross my arms over my chest.

"Please" I shake my head.

"Please" I shake it again and his left hand on my shoulders.

"Please" I shake again and his hand slide up to my chin.

"Please" I shake again only seeing how far he will go. His hand now cupping my cheek.

"No" I hesitantly say.

"How can I make you forgive me?" he asks.

"Kiss me" I blurt out with out thinking.

"Shit.. I shouldn't of sa-" I say before begin cut off by....





I thought I would stop it there and give you something to wait for. Maybe they kiss, maybe they don't wait to find out...

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