Jigsaw Puzzle (BoyxBoy)

Luke is an open gay well he is until he moves to his new school which is half was across the world from his home town of Melbourne, Australia.

Luke starts getting bullied in his new school by the guy he thinks he has fallen in love with Mikey. The funny thing is Mikey used to work for his step-dad.

When Luke bumps into Jerath the new American in his school everything luke thought he felt for Mikey seem to disappear and Jerath is everything he thinks he needs.

Will luke find out who he actually loves or will it be too late ?


6. New Boy Is Gay


~~Chapter 5 -New Boy Is GAY~~


It been 3 weeks since Mikey and I sorted out our problems and well it hasnt been the best 3 weeks of my life. Charlie and Mikey have become really close and I mean close. Mikey secretly comes to see me on a night for sex and well his posse still havent dropped the whole me being gay. Mikey has warned them to stop it but they havent and charlie is clueless to the whole thing to be honest I've even stopped telling Mikey as his words still don't seem to be going through to them. Me and Catalina have become quite close which is a good thing I guess. Today I have to show the new kid around that Im not quite sure why I have to do it but hey I might as well as I don't see Charlie or Mikey doing it. I walk into the reception and see an very tall, muscular, black haired figure sat waiting. I walk up to the recption lady and tell her why I'm here and she points me towards him. I look at his facial features and he is absolutly gorgeous. Pitch black, short and quiffed hair, deep brown eyes and a cute button nose and plum red lips that I would love to kiss. SNAP OUT OF IT LUKE! my subconscious tells me.

I walk up to him and greet him polietly. "Hello, I'm Luke and I'm here to show you around I guess".

"Hey I'm Jerath Little and its a pleasure to meet you" His deep voice echos through my brain.

"If I could take you timetable and locker number and I'll show you to it" I blush instantly as he passes his timetable to me and our hands brush together. I see that he has Science, History, PE and Music with me and thats it, I feel a bit disoppointed that I dont get to spend more classes with him. I show him to his locker which is across the hall from mine so atleast I get to see him every morning. Okay you sound like some stalker Luke it goes again.

"Your locker and thats your combo" I say handing him back his timetable and locker combo. I smile at him and watch his every move.

"So we have some classes together right" He asks me.

"Yep, Science, History, PE and Music" I giggle. Okay thats wierd I've just giggled and I only giggle when I like somebody. Oh no luke this has trouble written all over it once again it speeks. I hear the first bell ring and Jerath looks at me and then looks at his timetable. My first lesson is science so I guess I get to see Jerath again,

"Science is this way and Mr Clyde is a really nice teacher" I say honestly.

"He not gonna turn out to be some jerk when i get to class is he" He laughs.

"Sorry but he is" I laugh along with him.

we arrive to class and sir points him to the seat next to me and we begin talking about lesson and then the convo changes when I hear Mikey curse. I look behind me and he gives me the most death werthy look ever. I give him a smile and he just glares at Jerath. "Whats his problem?" Jerath asks me.

"I have no idea" I lie.

"So what do you do after school?" Jerath questions.

"Nothing I normally go home and read or do homework"

"thats boring... maybe we could hang out and get to know each other more"

"thats sound like fun, come to mine after school if you like"

"Okay I'll text my mum after class... wait is your next clas?"

"PE... wait we have PE"

"Great and if you don't mind me asking, Ive hear all the comment and whisper people have been saying about you in this class is it true are you gay?" I nod and look away from him. I wouldnt be shocked is he just teased me as well. I feel something grab my hand I look back and see that his large hand is holding my small one. I look shocked at him.

"Me too" I blink a few time to register what he has just said.

"You are?" I ask in disbelief.

"Yeah... why so shocked?" he questions.

"Cause i wasnt expecting that"

"MR KINGSTONE AND MR LITTLE CARE TO EXPLAIN WHAT IS SO AMUSING?" Mr Clyde yells getting mine and Jeraths attention.

"um... I... We...Er" I stutter.

"We was talking about the lesson sir" Jerath lied.

"Okay then i'll let you off" Sir smiles and continued teaching. Me and Jerath started to laugh quitely. The end of class bell rings and me and Jerath walk back to his locker so he can get his PE kit. We walk across the hall to mine so I can get mine and we begin to carry on walking when Mikey and his posse stands in front of me.

"Fuck off Mikey!" I curse.

"Touché" he laughs.

"Look the homo has a new friend" Jesse comments. Yeah. I've learned all there names.

"Excuse me! he may be be gay but that doesn't mean you have the right to bully" Jerath pips in.

"Who do you think you are?" Mikey asks in a threatening tone.

"I'm Jerath Little, and you hurt Luke I'll kick your ass* he sticks up for me.

"I'd like to see you try" Mikey threatened again.

Within seconds Mikey is pounding into Jerath face and the vis versa. I ran over to Jerath and pulled him off. "Jerath he's not worth it" I tell him.

"Yeah I'm tots not worth it when you wanted sex" Mikey snaps at me.

"Fuck you Mikey and let get it out there your the one who comes it My room" I say without thinking. Me and Jerath walk away from them and I start shaking and trembling. Jerath takes my hand and I seem to calm down. we walk to the toilet and I begin to clean his face.

"I'm sorry about Mikey" I apologise.

"It's okay and what did ya mean earlier about him coming into your room?" he asks.

"I've been having a fling with Mikey for the past 3 weeks and well we've kinda of been sleeping together" I say blushing.

"Oh" Jerath sounds shocked.

"It's bad I know" I sigh heavy.

"No it's just I didn't think you was that type of person"

"I'm not... well I wasn't till I moved to England. I used to be a virgin before I met Mikey tbh the second day I moved here I slept with mikey"

"It's sounds like he only wants you for sex"

"Well he got it and ain't getting it no more" I say in disbelief.

After school me and Jerath kept with our plans and hung out at mine. He bet me at 3 games of cod which sucked. I lay across my bed while Jerath lays on the sofa. "hey Jerath, can I ask you a question?" I ask.

"Sure ask away Luke" he smiles and paused the game.

"Why did you move to England??" I question.

"Well... my mum was a borderline alcoholic and she abandoned me and my dad when I was 7. My dad remarried and his wife was well a complete bitch and for the 9 year of my life she has been in well made it hell so when I found out I had a Aunty who lived here I had to come over to meet her and well just fell in love with the place and well as you can tell moved over and live with her and her 3 kids Freddie, Olivia and Jamie." He explained.

"Oh I'm sorry about your mum and step mum"

"If it wasn't for then I wouldn't be with you right now" I blushes and smiled. I hear and knock at the door and walk over to it and open it to see Mikey standing there. Why can't he for one day leave me alone?. I tell Jerath I'll be one minute and close my bedroom door behind me and pull Mikey into the spear bathroom on the hallway.

"what the fuck do you want ??" I snap at him.

"You to stop speaking to that new lad" Mikey tells me.

"Hahah no not gonna happen because you tell me too"

"Why not?"

"Cause he's the only friend I have other then your sister"

"I'm your friend" I begin to laugh.

"No you just use me for sex then beat the livings crap out of my Mikey now just leave before I tell your mother and my step dad the truth" I shout and Mikey leaves and I walk back into my bedroom and see Jerath smiling happily.

"What?" I ask.

"You stuck up for yourself against Mikey" his smile widens.

"Oh you heard" I sigh.

"I think the whole house heard" he laughs. great I'm fucked. I sigh heavy and look at the carpet.

"Don't worry your mum will understand I promise" he says walking over to me and rubbing his hands up and down my arms it feels like my veins are on fire. I pull Jerath into a hug and he seem to be shocked but eventually hugs me back.

"Thanks Little" I smile.

"Your welcome Kingstone but can I ask you something now??" he questions and I nod.

"Can I take you out on a date?" he asks....







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