Jigsaw Puzzle (BoyxBoy)

Luke is an open gay well he is until he moves to his new school which is half was across the world from his home town of Melbourne, Australia.

Luke starts getting bullied in his new school by the guy he thinks he has fallen in love with Mikey. The funny thing is Mikey used to work for his step-dad.

When Luke bumps into Jerath the new American in his school everything luke thought he felt for Mikey seem to disappear and Jerath is everything he thinks he needs.

Will luke find out who he actually loves or will it be too late ?


7. Jealousy

~~ Chapter 6 - Jealousy ~~

(This chapter contains smut)


"You stuck up for yourself against Mikey" his smile widens.

"Oh you heard" I sigh.

"I think the whole house heard" he laughs. great I'm fucked. I sigh heavy and look at the carpet.

"Don't worry your mum will understand I promise" he says walking over to me and rubbing his hands up and down my arms it feels like my veins are on fire. I pull Jerath into a hug and he seem to be shocked but eventually hugs me back.

"Thanks Little" I smile.

"Your welcome Kingstone but can I ask you something now??" he questions and I nod.

"Can I take you out on a date?" he asks....




"What?" I asked in complete shock. Did Jerath just ask me on a date... No this can't be happening.

"Can. I. Take. You. On. A. Date?" He said slowly, giving me time to take it in. Jerath is handsome and sweet. Charming even but do I really want to date him. What the fuck am I saying anyway gay guy in there right mind would scream to be in my place. I dig deep down into my feelings and realise that I do slightly like Jerath and maybe he is my way to get over Mikey after all.

"Yes" I say calmly, watching his reaction.

"What?" He asked.

"I said yes!" I smile and he hugs me, spining me around slightly.I giggle and blush slightly. So I'm dating Jerath the new boy at school. He puts me down and quickly grabs his things. I look at him shocked then realise that its practically pitch black outside.

"Do you want me to drop you off?" I ask and he shakes his gorgeous head. I watch as his brown locks sway with his movement.

"I only live across the road" He smiles and thats when it hits me. I notice a moving van outside a couple of days ago.

"Shit! that was you" i blush and he nods, kissing my cheek and leaving my room. I colapse onto my bed and i hear a knock on the door.

"Come in" I say and Catalina pops her head round the door and enters my room. Her smile suggests she listened to whole the thing. She jumped onto my bed and hugged me tightly. I hugged her back and we layed next to each other talking about boys and drama. She left the topic of Mikey out of it knowing full well that I don't want to think about him let alone talk about him. We talked all night and when we eventually realised the time it was too late because my alarm went off making us jump.

"Looks like we have to get ready for the hell that is school" Cat said and left my room to get dressed. I peel my pj's off and hop into a quick shower. I hear the door open and I stop when Mikey's hair comes into view behind the steamed up glass window of my shower.

"Looks who nice and wet" Mikey commented.

"Get out mikey" I say trying not to shout.

"I see the new boy left then"

"Yeah but whats that to you anyway?"

"Now we both know that you dont actually like him, Your still into me" Mikey said opening the shower door and climbing into the shower with me. I couldnt help as my eyes trail down his chiseld body to his member which I so want in me. NO YOU DON'T my subconcious yell to me.

"Like what you see?" Mikey asked huskily.

"Mhm" i hum and nod at the same time. God this boy has so much control over me its unreal.

"Take it" He said steping close to me. I get down onto my knees and take his dick into my hand, begining to pump slowly and gently.

"mmmm Luke" he moaned holding onto the wall, I fastened my pace and watch his eyes slam close as i feel his member get harder and harder under my touch.

"Luke... fuck" He moaned but as he said my name, i felt myself get hard. I pumped faster and squeezed my hand a little tighted around his length causing him to gasp. I noticed the tip swell slightly hiting he was close. I opened my mouth and began to lick and suck on the tip.

"Fuck.... Oh God" His moans becoming louder and sweeter to my ears. I took him further into my mouth, using my tongue to play with the head. His hands move to my hair as he tugged and pulled at it causing my to moan and get harder. I began to hum the tune to his favourite song as his head swelled up more in my mouth and within seconds his sweet cum spill into my mouth, I swollow and pull away. Mikey panted for air as I stood up and kissed his forehead.

"Farewell Mikey, We can no longer do this?" I said stepping out of the shower, turning it off before I left. I wrapped the towel round my lower half as I felt his strong arms wrap round me.

"What you mean we can't do this no more" He said kissing the back of my neck causing my to shiver but it wasnt the good shiver it was 'I'm guilty' shiver. 'And you are' The inner me spoke.

"Jerath asked me out on a date and I said 'yes' and if he asked me to be his boyfriend I'll say yes to that to cause i need to move on... I'm fed up of being a sex toy Mikey" I say and pull out of his grip. Mikey quickly gets dressed and leaved my house with a angry and pissed off look on his face. I dry my body as my phone pings. I unlock it and see a message from Jerath.


Jerath: Hey, I'll pick you up for school in 20 minutes xxx


I reply back straight away.


Me: Okay, cya soon xxx


I quickly dry my body and hair and pull on a pair of new boxers. I open my wardrobe and grab my school uniform. I get dressed and fasten my school shoes. I sort out my hair and leave my room, picking up my phone, bag and opening the front door to see Jerath in a red Ferrari convertable.  I open the door and sit down. "WOW!" is all I could get out.

"Nice isnt it" He asked and I nodded in agreement. He leaned over and pecked my cheek causing a flood of guilt to rush through my veins. I sigh heavy and Jerath noticed my sad facial expressions and looks at me with comfetting eyes.

"What up handsome to be honest your too handsome to be sad" He said causing me to blush. I giggle slightly and take hold of his hand and squeeze it.

"I miss Australia" I lied.

"I know, I miss my home too" He said in his very strong american accent,

"But I would never go back there are to many horrible memories back in US that I never want to experience again" He continued to speak.

"I understand perfectly well"

"Luke... You seem tense are you sure something isnt up?"

"MikeycameoverandIsortofgavehimablowjob" I say extreamly fast. (Translation - Mikey came over and I sort of gave him a blowjob)


"you actually caught that" I say lowering my head.

"I saw him leaving your house so I asumed something happened" He voice quiet almost hurt like.

"I'm sorry... I shouldnt have" I say looking out the window. Jerath starts the car and pulls his hand out of mine. The rather short drive to school was filled with silence. I felt even more guilty then before. I actually like Jerath and I've gone and done something stupid like that. We pull into school car park and I get out of the car and walk into school with my head down. I feel all eyes on me as I head to my locker.

"Luke wait!" Jerath yelled as i continued walking. All of a sudden I hear a thud causing me to turn round and see Jerath on the floor with Mikey laying punches into his face. I sprint over and shove Mikey off of him.

"Luke What the fuck are you doing?" Mikey yelled at me.

"Fuck off Mikey" I yell back and he glares at me. I can see the jealousy in his eyes. I break out into a chorus of laughter.

"what you laughing at Kingstone" Mike snaped and continued to laugh.

"Your- Jealous- Of- Jerath" I said between laughs. Everyones head turned to Mikey and i continued to laugh.

"Dont make me laugh Luke" He said chuckling slightly.

"Jealousy doesnt suite you Mike" I say as I pick Jerath up off the floor and take him to the nurses office. I feel Mikeys eyes burning hole into my back but I ignore it because I need to get Jerath sorted and ready to go before I deal with that nod head.





This is my first update in ager and I'm so sorry that its been agers but I've had writer block for a while...

So tell me what you think of Jealous Mikey and Do Jerath and Luke make a cute couple??


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