The drummer



It was your first day at your new high school you had always got kicked out of high school for fighting even though it was never your fault.

You were the girl who was very quite but you would put up a fight if you had to you always got bullied so fighting made people bully you less.

Your brother luke was in your new high school your mum made him change schools to keep his eye on you.

"Luke you can leave me alone now I know what I'm doing" you told him

"Your the reason I moved schools I'm in one of your classes today I'll catch up with you there later just try not to fight" Luke said as he walked away

It upset you that everyone thought you was this mean girl who beat people up even though that's how it looked but people never believed that it wasn't your fault.

You headed to your class when you ran into Ashton who was like you he acted tough but he was actually really sweet

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