The drummer


14. your so drunk

It was later that night you only had a one drink but you snuck another one behind Ashton's back he had no idea there was loud music playing and cal was dancing drunk witch made your day because he looked like a old man trying to dance

"Babe your drunk your such a lightweight" ash said as he laughed you then stood up and said "no I'm not look I can walk" you tired standing up and you walked off but you did struggle walking but you didn't fall "where are you going" ash said as he ran after you "I don't know for a walk" you said as you laughed

"I'm not letting my girlfriend walk anywhere on her own like that" ash said as he took the alcohol off you

"Why can't I I'm not drunk I'm fine" you said with sleepy eyes ash picket you up and took you inside Michael's house and put you on the sofa and took off your high heels "look you stay there and sleep I'll get you some water" ash then walked off to get you some water

You then started talking really loudly even though ash was in the next room you was that drunk you didn't know what you was saying "ash I love you where are you I need hugs big hugs" you then fell off the sofa ash heard everything you said as he came back with the water he just laughed at you on the floor

"You wanted a hug" ash said smiling at you "yes but I need a hug" you said

"Yes that's what I said a hug" ash said

" I like you your funny" you said

"God your so waisted" ash said as he gave you a hug and the water

"Ash ash ash ash ash ash" you just kept saying his name to annoy him

"I'm going back to the garden with the guys you stay here and try sleep" ash smiled and kissed your forehead as he then walked outside

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