The drummer


9. understanding

It was band practice that day after school only Luke didn't show up "where the fuck is Luke" Michael asked

"Urm I don't know I'll go find out" Ashton replies as he walks out the door

You then got a text from ash saying "hey babe I'm gunna come round I have to sort things out with Luke x"

You heart then skipped a beat as you was shocked and worried as you knew it wasn't going to go well just then you hear a knock at the door luke answered the door

"What the hell do you want" Luke shouted as he glared at ash

"Sorry I'm so sorry dude I really like Y/N and I'm not lying please can you try to understand" ash says as he looks to the floor

"You like her how much and why my sister she's my sister give me one good reason why I shouldn't slam the door in your face right now" Luke said angrily

"Because I'm falling for her and if you slam the door on me then that's it what if she's feeling the same you haven't asked her about any of this" ash said as looked up the stairs he was still out side but knew you was listening

"Don't tell me what to do I'll ask her if I want to" Luke then calls you

"Do you really like him like really because this is so weird and I don't know what to do" Luke shouts as he leans against the wall

"Yes if course I do please Luke don't fall out with him he's done nothing wrong and plus you guys make an amazing band please Luke" you cry as you hug Luke

Luke then walks down the stairs back to the door " you can date her but you have one chance and one chance only if you hurt her or do anything to upset her I will kill you" Luke shouts to make sure ash understands

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