The drummer


4. the kiss

"I'm sorry I just had to do that" ash said

You just then hugged him so tight that he couldn't breath

"Omg I've been wanting to do that since I met you" you said as you let go of him

"Really you like me how could I have not noticed" ash said as he laughed

"Well I tryed acting casual but I didn't think you liked me" you replied

"I liked you from the moment I set eyes on you" ash replied

You was so happy you liked him and he liked you you wanted to just do a little happy dance you spent the rest of lunch talking about how you both liked each other and laughed

The bell then rang "look babe I got to go but here" he handed you his number and walked off

"Thanks" you replied

You couldn't believe he just called you babe it have you goose bumps again

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