The drummer


15. the cut

It was the next morning you woke up on the sofa and you looked around not knowing where you were you sat up with biggest hangover ever you was holding your head you felt dizzy but stood up anyway you headed to the kitchen but as you got up you knocked down your glass of water it smashed on the floor

"Dam it ahhh!!" You looked at your foot and pulled out some glass "fuck fuck fuck" you walked to the door which was wide open you saw ash cal Michael and Luke fast asleep on the floor

You walked over to see if they were okay they were that drunk they fell asleep outside "ash ash wake up" you were tugging on Ashton's shirt trying to wake him up "ahh what do you want I'm sleeping" ash said you felt bad waking him up so you headed back into the house to clean up the broken glass

Michael then walked in the house "morning how you feeling" he said

"Hung over that's how I feel what about you" you said to Michael

"Well you shouldn't of snuck the alcohol" Michael laughs as you just glare at him

Ash then walks in " hey what going on why is there blood on the floor" Michael look at your feet "fuck sorry I was waking up and knocked the glass over you then went back to clean the blood up

Ash picked you up and took you back to the sofa "let me see" he said you then lifted your foot "that's a deep cut Michael do you have any like bandages we can use" ash shouted to Michael

"Yeah I'll get them now" Michael ran upstairs to get them

"Catch" he trough them at ash

"Aaaahhhh fuck" you hissed in pain as ash wrapped your foot up "there looks like you won't be wearing your heels anytime soon" ash laughed as you just looked at him

"That's not funny you was wasted you guys all fell asleep outside" you said as you laughed Luke then walked in "guys what happend last night" like said while looking sleepy scratching his head

"I actually don't rerember nothing" you and ash said as Michael looked at cal still asleep on the grass in the garden

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