The drummer


10. the big secret

You and Ashton had been dating for 3 weeks and you was so happy with how everything was going but there was one thing you hadn't told ash about you

You all had a movie night Michael Calum Luke and ash was all there you was all say downstairs laughing and eating pop corn and throwing it at each other

It was about 2am you looked up at the sofa Luke and Michael was fast asleep leaning on one another and you just laughed "bromance" as you then noticed cal was also fast asleep on the floor

"Go to bed you look so tired" ash said as he was still watching the film

"No but what about you" you said as you looked up at him with a small smile

"I'll come up after I want to watch the rest of the film" he said as he kissed your forehead "go on I'll be up soon" he said as he went to get himself more pop corn

It was 3am now and you was fast asleep you then heard someone come in it was ash but you still pretended to be asleep as you felt ash get in bed with you and his arms wrap around your waist you was so happy you felt his arm stroking yours you was wearing a long sleeved shirt you always wore long sleeved shirts

As he stroked your arm you sleeve rolled up he then saw cuts along your wrist you know he could see them you didn't know what to say so you just stayed pretending you was asleep Aston then started to cry and you could feel his tears drop on you he then pulled you tight to his chest and kept kissing you fore head as he was crying you then knew you had no choice but to hug him back so you did you hugged him tightly

"Please stop crying please" you said as you looked up at him

"Why just why" he cried and kept hold of you

"I don't know I don't know I just get upset and it makes it better a little takes away some of the pain" you say as you cry into his chest

"You have me I can take away your pain you are beautiful and I need you please stop it don't do it again please I'm here for you well get through this together" he says as he wipes away his tears

You just looked at him and smiled as you fell back to sleep in his arms

It was the morning like shouted ash "ash get here now!" Ash then ran down stairs "what's up" ash replied

"Why are you in bed with Y/N" Luke shouted as you then ran down the stairs "Luke calm down we didn't do anything" you yelled

"Your my friend how dare you think it's okay to sleep with my sister" Luke was still yelling

"That's it" you yelled as you ran upstairs

Ash pushed Luke and ran after you you wernt in your room so he kicked the bathroom door and saw you with a blade he ran and grabbed it out of your hand cutting his as he grabbed it "ahhh!" He hissed as it slit his hand

"I'm sorry I love you so much and I don't want to let you go but Luke is making me feel like I have to" you cry as you drop to the floor

"What makes you think I'm going to let you go Luke can't stop me dating you" he then hugged you his hand still dripping blood

"Oh sorry I got blood on your top" he said as he pulled you up from the bathroom floor you then went and grabbed a wet towel to clean his hand

Luke was sat outside the bathroom listening to everything as he started to cry as you felt this way "ash can I have a word" Luke said

"Sure" ash said as he took the blade with him "look I'm sorry for getting mad it's just she's my sister and I care for her so much" Luke said as he looked down "dude it's fine I understand but I'm not just dating her for no reason I actually really care for her and don't want to let her go" Ashton said "okay I'm sorry just make sure you look after her" Luke laughed so did ashton

Ashton them went to shake Luke's hand "what the hell happend to your hand" Luke screamed as he saw the long cut "nothing it's fine I was replacing a blade in a razor I was going to use but I kinda failed" Ashton says as he laughs Luke just stood there a punched him friendly "your such a idiot" Luke said while laughing

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