The drummer


12. sleep

You was so happy now that Luke and ash had made up you hadn't been in any fights since you was in your new school and ash new about your secret and was helping you stop things were all so good so you just sat in bed on your phone smiling you was just looking through photo to you and ash and some of the guys at band practice

It was a few hours later and you woke up you had fell to sleep again you looked at then like and noticed you had been asleep for half the day so you got up and was picking what to wear for Michael's BBQ you found a nice long baby pink colour dress it was a long dress you could only wear with heals so you found some black heals that you thought would go well with your black leather jacket you got ready and did your make up just then ash walked in

"Wow you look beautiful what you look like your going to an award show not a BBQ" he said as he laughed

"Well I wanted to look nice so" you said as ash kept just looking you up and down

"You just look beautiful sorry but your perfect" ash said you couldn't help but blush and smile

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