The drummer


3. lunch

It was the next day you was worried that you wouldn't see ash you needed a plan for when you do see him if you did that was

You then saw him stood at the lockers a big smile was then on your face you walked up to him acting casual

"Hey thanks for the talk yesterday it really cheered me up" you said as you looked to your shoes

"No problem I know what it's like don't worry I was hoping id see you today" ash replied to you

Your was filled with joy that Ashton said that

"Why" you asked puzzled as to what he wanted

"Are you doing anything at lunch" ash asked as he was leaning against his locker

"No nothing" you replied

"Good meet me here at lunch" ash said as he then headed to class

"Okay" you shouted to him as he was walking away

Omg you was jumping with happiness that he wanted to see you at lunch you couldn't wait just then like walked passed

"What are you doing" he asked as he raised his eyebrow

"Nothing I'm just going to class" you said as you then ran off

Luke thought nothing of it and headed to his class. It was then lunch you ran as fast as you could to the lockers

"Hey why are you in a rush" ash asked as he stopped you running

"Urm I don't know sorry" you said

"Come on let's go to the library it's more quieter there" ash said as he grabbed your hand pulling you to the library

"Okay" you replied as he was pulling you

You got to the library and it was so quite and only had 3 people in there ashton sat you down and then sat down next to you

"I only have cheese sandwiches haha nothing special" ash said as you laughed

"It's fine I'm not fussy" you laughed as you started eating his sandwich

"Look I've been wanting to get you on your own since yesterday" ash said as he looked at you

"Why tho..." You were cut off as ash just kissed you

He then stopped kissing you "sorry I've been wanting to do that since I laid my eyes on you"

Ashton had just kissed you you couldn't believe it he likes you this just made you want to scream thank god


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