The drummer


6. love bite

It was the end of the day you and Luke walking back home you didn't talk it was just awkward silence

You didn't know what to say you just want to talk about Ash but couldn't

You finally got home and text Ashton

"Am so sorry I didn't know you were my brothers best friend you text him

"I thought you looked familiar you're my best friend sister" he text you

I hope you're okay I am sorry I don't know what to do" you text him

Meet me at the park tonight" Ashton text you

You walk to the park to meet Ashton like he said you see him just sat on the swing set you slowly walk to him

He got up and then kissed you

"I'm sorry I know you're my best friend sister but I can't stop falling for you I don't know what were gonna do" Ashton said

"just don't tell him we'll see how things go and when it gets serious well have to tell him" you say

"okay babe" ash says as he hugs you tightly

It was Friday back at school you text ash asking where you are meeting him he text back saying at the lockers

You met him at the lockers only he wasn't there you waited and waited then you felt a hand touch your shoulder and turn round it was ash trying to scare you

"What are you doing" say with a little laugh

"I thought it would be romantic yet funny" he just laughed and wrapped his arms around your waist inside to kiss down your neck

The bell then rang "dammit I have to go text you later babe"

You couldn't stop smiling after what just happened you then went to the bathroom to sort out your hair and your lipstick just sent you know is that you had a lovebite on your neck you started to panic as your next class was with Luke you tried covering it with your make up but you could still clearly see it

You then find a scarf that was your last option nothing else would work you had to wear the scarf you got to class as Luke gave you are very weird look as to why you are wearing a scarf

"why you wearing a scarf" Luke asked

"my friend give it me and I would feel bad if I don't wear it" you replied

"Okay then seems legit" Luke laughed

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