The drummer


13. looking hot

Luke called you he was down stairs shouting "are you guys ready to I'm going come on" Luke shouted

You then stood at the top of the stairs as Luke just looked at you in shock you were actually dressed like a girl you never wore dresses or skirts you always wore black skinny jeans or shorts and band T-shirts and never heels he didn't even know you had heels

"Why are you so dressed up it's a BBQ and you never wear dresses what's going on" Luke asked you "nothing I'm just tryin it out so far so good" you said as you tried walking down the stairs in heels but nearly slipped ash caught you and picket you up carrying you down the stairs "come here you" he said as he picked you up

You then headed out to Michael's house you finally got there and walked around to the garden where Michael and cal were trying to light the fire but they couldn't it was so funny "do you need any help" you asked cal turned and his jaw dropped Michael didn't turn round he just said "no your alright" and tried again to light the fire "you look amazing" cal said you just smiled as ash then glared at cal "back off cal" ash said as you then went to sit down the fire finally got started "burgers burgers" ash said you just laughed then Luke got some alcohol you went to get some but ash stopped you "what why can't I have any" you said

"Because I'm not letting you get drunk looking like that" ash said

"Why I'm fine please let me have fun you guys can't get drunk and leave me bored" you said as you did puppy dog eyes

"Fine but only one babe I love you and I don't want you to get hammered and braking your leg in them heels" ash said as he looked at your heels you just smiled and hugged him "I love how you look after me" you said

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