The drummer


8. finding out

You are back in school and needed to talk to Ashton so you text him to meet you at the lockers

"Hey what's up" he says as he hugs you

You just hugged him back and was quite for a moment as he tryed to kiss your neck

"What's up with the scarf" he laughed

"I have a love bite on my neck and now I have to wear this to cover it up" you snap

"Sorry babe your just to beautiful" ash said as he hugged you tight

"No I'm sorry for snapping at you I just am stressed that I have to wear this" you replied as you hugged him

"Does this mean I can't kiss your neck anymore" ash pouts

"Not until Luke finds out sorry" you say as you look to the floor ash then lifts your head up "don't be sad" he said just them he kissed you and his hands roamed your body he kept holo of your hips as he continues to kiss you he then lifts you up your legs arounds his waist your hands tugging at his hair you then bite on his lip he let's out a small moan as you biting his lip is turning him on "I need to go to class" you say as you then start to kiss him again "don't go stay a bit longer babe please" he whispers in your ear just then Luke walks to the lockers "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING" he shouts

Ash then let's go of you "im so sorry please don't be mad" you say as you stand away from ash

"DUDE THATS MY SISTER" he still shouts

"I KNOW SHES MY GIRLFRIEND" ash shouts back

"Guys stop it" you scream but it doesn't help next thing you know Luke punches ash in the stomach

"You fucking arse hole how could you" Luke shouts and pulls you away "stay away from him" Luke screams at you

"nO I'm not leaving him just because you say" you start to cry and run over to ash

Luke then rips the scalf off your neck and sends the love bite "I knew it I know you was hiding Somthing" he says as he walks off

"Ash please are you okay I'm so sorry" you cry beside him

"No babe it's fine don't worry I'll sort things out" he says as he struggles to get up

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