The drummer


19. craving ash

It was the morning and you woke up and looked at ash he was asleep and looking so cute you then tried climbing over ash to go make some food because the bed was pushed up against the wall and ash was sleeping on the other side so you had to try climbing over him as you get up and do a little victory dance for not waking ash up you then get pulled down back to the bed ash then roles you over so he's hovering above you holding himself up with his strong arms "ash I wasn't suppost to wake you" you said as ashton just laughed "okay but how was doing a dance not suppost to wake me" ash said as he looks at you waiting for you to make up some excuse "Urm Urm I dunno I was dancing because I thought I hadn't woken you" you say as ash laughs again before kissing you you then put your hand at the back of his neck deepening the kiss he then slips his tongue in this was all very strange for you one minute you was wanting food the next you were wanting ash

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