The drummer


16. clubbing

"Hey today's Saturday isn't it" you ask

"Yeah why" ash said "because I was thinking we could all go clubbing" you said looking at ash smiling

"You go clubbing you" ash said laughing

"Yeah what's wrong with that" you said as you looked at all 3 of the guys "you can't go clubbing look at your foot and your such a lightweight" Luke said laughing

"Please come on I can please I've always wanted to go clubbing come on think about it we can watch TV all day and go out tonight" you say looking at ash trying to be sweet

"It could be fun" Michael said as he looked at ash "why do I feel like I'm going to regret this" ash say "so that's a yes" you ask

"Yes we can go but on one agreement you stay with me at all times" ash says looking at you in the eyes

"Yes of course" you smile as you all go to sit down and watch TV just then you all hear cal waking up "morning sleeping beauty" Michael shouts "fuck off" cal shouts back "dude you up for clubbing tonight" Luke shouts to cal "you can't be serious we just was drinking last night" cal says as he gets up "yeah dude come on" you say just then you come up with an idea "hey cal you have to come because it's my birthday" all the guys look at you "it's not yo-" Luke says as you cut him off by elbowing him in the stomach "fine only because it's your birthday" cal says as he sits next to Luke

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