The drummer


2. band talk

"Hey watch were your going" you shouted at Ash

You were is a mood and really stressed about moving schools

"Hey it wasn't my fault calm down" ash laughed as he told you

You then realised what you did ip just shouted at some guy who did nothing wrong

"I'm sorry" you said as you then ran off crying

Ash didn't know what just happened one minute your shouting at him the next crying so he ran after you he finally caught you and grabbed your wrist

"Hey what's wrong" ash says as he let's go of your wrist

"Nothing it doesn't matter" you said as you leaned against the wall

Ash looked at you and moved your hair out of your face "do I know you from somewhere you look really familiar" ash asked

"No I've never seen you in my life" you replied as you started to smile

"Oh must just be me" ash said as he started to laugh

"I'm so sorry for shouting at you I'm just stressed from moving school I'm sorry" you said as you grabbed Ashton's hand as he was offering to help you up

"New huh well this school isn't the best just keep smiling and the day will fly by look I've got to go to class but maby see you later" ash replied

You both then walked off to different classes as your next class was with luke your brother but as you got to your desk you slammed your head on to the desk as all you could think about was ashton

Luke then kicked you lightly trying to get your attention

"What do you want" you asked nicely

"What's up are you okay" Luke asked worried if you had got into another fight

"I'm fine don't worry just busy day" you replied as you didn't want to tell him about Ashton as you didn't want to act on it

It was then the end of the day you both headed home

"Hey I've got band practice tonight why don't you come and listen to us play" Luke asked smiling

"I just think I'll go home I've had a busy day sorry Maby next time" you said

You had never heard the band or known who was in it you just knew Luke was in a band that's it

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