The drummer


7. band practice

It was the end of class and you and Luke walking through the corridor as then Luke saw ashton wink at you

"What was that about" Luke asked

"Why should I know" you replied

"Because he winked at you" Luke then stopped you and wanted to know why the scald and ashton winking at you

"What's going on what's with the scarf and my best mate winking at you" Luke said as he was suspicious

"Nothing I told you about the staff and I don't know why he was winking at me" you said as you then walked off

You knew that Luke would have to find out soon so are you couldn't carry on wearing scalf for the rest of your life

"I have band practice tonight why don't you come and watch" Luke asked

"sure why not" you said you was worried that it would be awkward

Got to the band practice and as soon as Ashton saw your face he couldn't help but smile you then smiled back and sat down

After you heard them play you couldn't believe it they are actually really good you were amazed but just couldn't keep your eyes off Ashton

"how was that then" cal asked

"oh my god it was amazing" you replied

boys all gave each of the high-fives "common let's head home" Luke says

As you were walking out Ashton grabbed your arse you giggled a little but not loud so Luke wouldn't hear

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