The drummer


17. bad idea

It that night your all getting ready to go out you wore the same dress but you couldn't wear heels because of your cut "are you ready" ash says "yeah I'm fine let's go" you say smiling "are you sure you want to go clubbing" ash says hugging you "of course I've never been I thought it be fun" you say hugging ash

"Guys you ready come on the taxis waiting" cal shouts you had to get a taxi because your all ovs going to get drunk so you get a taxi

You all get in the taxi and head to town the place is packed full of people shouting dancing drinking and long lines to the bathroom "omg so many people" you shout to ash over the loud music no wonder he told you to stay close to him

Suddenly your fav song comes on you grab a drink and start dancing your having a blast but ash won't drink because he wants to keep his eye on you he sees you dancing and laughs because your having so much fun "ash cals been punched we need your help" Luke shouts ash then runs to see cal "cal are you okay" do you need to go to hospital" ash says as he helps cal up "no no I'll be fine don't worry I need a drink" cal says as he heads to the bar "cal come back" Luke says running after cal

"Michael what are you doing" ash says looking at Michael confused "I'm trying to spot some mrs clifford" Michael says "but you don't have a girlfriend" ash says as he looks at Michael laughing "exactly she could be here" Michael says laughing at himself "okay dude I'm going now bye" ash says as he walks back to the bar and realises he left you on your own "fuck fuck fuck" he looks all around but there are so many people

He start shouting your name but there is no answer meanwhile your still dancing not knowing ash is looking for you just then you feel some ones hands around your waist you assume it's ash "you finally came to dance with me" you say as you turn around and notice it's not ash it's just some random man "get off me" you try pushing him away "you just said I finally came to dance" the man said as he grabs your arse "I thought you were someone els" you shout you are still trying to push him away "ASH ASH ASH!!!" You start screaming ash as loud as you can

Just then the man turns around and some one punches him you can't see who it is until he pulls you away "are you okay did he hurt you" ash said you didn't talk you just hugged ash as tight as you could "guys come on we are leaving ash has one arm around you and cal over his shoulder since he's to drink to walk

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