The drummer


5. awkward

Just then Ashton left the library he then ran into Luke and wondered why he was in the same school

"hey dude what you doing here" Ashton asked

"Oh my god you're in the same school two I told you I was moving schools" Luke replied

"Yeah I forgot but why you going to the library that's not like you" ash asked

"Oh I'm just lookin for Y/N have you seen her" Luke asked

"Yeah she's in there why do you want her" ash asked curious

"Oh she's my sister I'm looking for her I can't find her anywhere"

Ashton face just froze he couldn't believe the girl he liked was Luke's sister

"Dude are you okay" Luke asked him worried

Just then you walked out of the library and bumped into Luke

"Hey what's going on"you asked

"There you are this is Ashton he's the drummer of our band" Luke smiled

Your face then froze exactly like Ashtons

"guys what's going on your kind of scaring me" Luke asked

"nothing sorry I just remembered I'm late for class" ashton so as as he ran off"

"I wonder what's up with him anyway how's your day going" Luke asked you

"Great thanks I've got to go to class to see you later" you said as you hugged Luke and left

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