The drummer


18. Ashton's place

You all get back to Ashton's house ash puts cal on the sofa and goes to see if you were okay

"Did he hurt you did he touch you" ash said as he cupped your cheeks and looked into your eyes "no I'm fine I promise and I'm sorry I should of listened to you" you say as you start to cry ash hugs you "don't cry it's fine I'm here" ash says wiping your tears away

Luke and Michael then come in singing and shouting "guys your drunk" as shouts he then looks at you "Y/N I'm going to take then home will you be alright here" ash says kissing your forehead "yeah I'll be fine just take these idiots home" you say as you laugh Michael is now holding Luke's leg and playing air guitar with Luke's leg

"Come on" ash says picking up cal and pushing Michael and Luke to the car

You just go get out of your dress and find one of Ashton's t-shirts and put that on but you don't have any pants so you just stay in your underwear and lye down on Ashton's bed and falling to sleep

Ash got home and walked in his room to find you just lying there he just stairs at you and saying to himself she's perfect and laughing how you stole one of his t-shirts but he didn't care he thought you looked quite hot in it he then moved you over to the other side of the bed and tucked you in as he lay next to you just playing with your hair

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