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"Bachelorette number #5- Ashlynn Addock," she briskly whispered into the microphone. My heart pounded, like it was almost about to beat right out of my chest. I gulped the lump in my throat away as I took the first step onto the stage, and I was nervous. Why? The people below the stage are going to judge me of my looks. ©∞Tabasco Sauce∞


1. ∞Chapter One∞

Chapter One

New, New And New

              The Plastics? So last season. More like The Materials. And when you meet them, don't use the word "Plastic". Why? Plastic burns. Fuck yeah it burns. 


They prefer the word "Material". What sort of material? Oh you know, the best ones- metal, iron, copper. Might as well call them The Iron Girls. I swear if they were paper I'd rip them apart. But this is High School, No ripping, or swearing. In high school, sneaky fights are allowed. Don't mix with them, or they'll ruin your whole life. But I wished someone would've told me that earlier. 


       "Bachelorette Number five, please welcome, Ashlynn Addock," Analeigh briskly whispered into the microphone. Alright, I got this. Smile, Wink and Pose. Smile, Wink, Pose, Smile, Wink, Pose, Smile, Wink, Pose. I catwalked onto a football-field sized runway, oh and let me tell you, you wouldn't want to be here. The audience was 18 and 19 year old sleazy boys, and they'll judge you for your looks. By looks, I probably meant your arse and boobs. We all were dressed as slutty sailors, our boobs were practically spilling out. The spotlight merely blinded my eyes as I tried my best not to look directly at it. As I reached the end of the runway, Analeigh spoke into the microphone again. "You may all cast your votes now." 

Confused? Alright.

Rewind. Let's start from the beginning, shall we?

In the Beginning, God Created the World... Nah, I'm just kidding. Hey! You were asking for the beginning! Oh you meant the beginning of this story? Right, here it goes, for real this time.

3 Months ago, I was nobody. I was hidden. I was anonymous. The glasses were there for a reason.  But take it off, you can clearly see the trap right in front of your eyes, I'd keep it back on, but Adrea wouldn't want me too. 

          Nothing better than the smell of acne cream in the morning, right? I fixed my glasses back onto my nose as I took a deep breath. I switched schools during Summer break. We all had to move to Los Angeles because of my father. I'm happy to say he got a promotion, but this was the 3rd time I've switched schools, and it wasn't a nice feeling. But I'm used to it. First class? Science with Dr. Specks. I'm a straight A student, I don't EVER get a B. 

         "Ashlynn, you're late," Dr. Specks glared at me. "I'm sorry, It's my first time here." I gulped, hoping he would understand. "Class, This is Ashlynn Addock, she's new, just transferred here," The students looked half-dead, no point introducing me. "Alright Ashlynn, there's a seat for you next to Adrea." Dr. Specks pointed to a pretty brunette girl, gnawing on her pencil.

         I shamefully walked to my seat as I put down my brown sling bag I had since I was 12. I like shopping, I just don't have the money. Adrea scanned me up and down before breaking the ice, "Hi, I'm Adrea Shea," she smiled. I smiled back at her and I cracked open my Science textbook. I was struggling trying to find the page Dr. Specks was on. "Oh it's on Page 109." Adrea said. I nodded nervously and turned to the page. Suddenly, someone in front of me turned around. It was this gorgeous, handsome, tattoed boy. He was wearing a pair of ray-bands, his hair was in curls and he is smokin' hot! Wait, do people still say that?

      "Um... What date is it?" he said and flashed a smile at me. I litterally melted on that spot. "It's uh- um- uh-" I stammered. Damn! What's wrong with me? "It's the forth of August," Adrea spoke up and she kicked me under the table. "Thanks," he said and winked at us. "Dude! That's Harry Styles! Don't talk to him! He's dangerous." Adrea sneaky talked to me. So he's like... Off Limits?

       Dr. Speck's class was finally over, and my first class is finally over. Which means it's time for Spanish class. "So, what's you're next class?" Adrea questioned. "You don't really talk much, do you?" she asked. "I'm just sh-shy." I saisd. Woohoo! Go me! I finally talked to someone other than my Plushies!  "Is your next class Spanish?" she asked. "Yeah..." I stammered. "Hi-5!" she giggled as she raised her hands up. I slapped her hand softly and continued gathering my textbooks and pencils that were lying every where on the table. I stuffed them into my bag and Adrea did the same. That curly dude is one of the hottest guys I've ever seen. I'm serious!

      Adrea walked me to Spanish class. We were early, so we got to choose our first seats. She wanted one right at the back, so the teacher wouldn't catch her doing stuff, but I wanted the one right in front so that I could hear what Professor said. At last, we chose the middle, because we couldn't decide which seat to take.

         My happiness broke down when a group of blonde-haired, make-up-overdosed, sassy, annoying girls sashayed into the room. Adrea slumped back into her chair and rolled her eyes. "Hey you!" the leader of the group pointed at me. Rude. "You better not talky-talky- to my bae again, comprende?". I nodded and went back to doing Dr. Speck's homework. Spanish teacher wasn't here yet and I didn't want to waste time. She sneered at me and her perfume almost choked me. It was terrible. 2 of them took the seat behind me and the last one took the seat beside me. I knew this class is the class I was going to hate the most. That perfume-overdosed girl yanked my ponytail from the back, sending my whole chair to tumble over. The whole class cracked up. Dang. 

         "Leave her alone, Analeigh." Adrea sneered at her. "I'll leave her alone, if she leaves Harry Styles alone. Bitch." 'Analeigh' said sarcastically. Adrea squinted her eyes at Analeigh. I placed my hand on Adrea's arm, telling her to stop it. This is my first day and I don't want anyone to ruin it. I gave her an encouraging smile. Then, our Spanish teacher walked into class. Perfect timing. **"Hola clase , mi nombre es Dr. Schven y hoy, vamos a aprender lo básico de español ." **Hello Class, My Name is Dr. Schven and today,  we're going to learn the basics of Spanish. I can't wait to start.

          Spanish was over faster then I thought it would be. Thank God for that. Dr. Schven couldn't stop lecturing us about how Spanish is so important in out daily lives. Adrea treats my like her child, but I'm fine with that, I like her, and she's my only friend. Suddenly, the speakers came on and Principal Winston blasted through the microphone. "Hello? Is this thing working?" He tapped several times on the microphone. "Thank you," we heard someone say. Adrea looked over to me and said, "He still doesn't know how to use the microphone," . Yeah that's obvious. "So students, The Girlfriend Applications are open in 1 hours time." Girls started squealing and jumping around. 

       "What's t-that about?" I asked Adrea. I was curious why some girls are going crazy. "Don't ask..." she rolled her eyes.



Author's Note: Hey Guys :) This is my new book and I'm so excited to write it! :) Please write some feedback, I'll read every single one of them! Thanks :) Bye! <3


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