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  • Published: 1 Dec 2014
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It was just a simple story of one sided love...... A love which never ended from one end and at the last found its right place......Maybe it took a long time but it did found so never stop your love because if you will try to stop loving someone you are stopping yourself from being yourself..........


1. A Road To A YOung Love

" Love is something that breaks you but still keeps you together, love that creates distances still brings you closer, love that is true and forever and if you have the power to love like that, then God makes sure that your love finds it's way, all that you have to do is just hang in there and wait, wait for your time. " "Come fast raj we are late....." calls Rahul to his friend Raj. Raj, a simple boy who wanted to achieve all the success of the life. His goal was to become Director in bollywood. He was just 15 years old. He was living in Dehradun and studying in "Delzi Public School".He was not like other students who were having many friends. In raj's life there were only three friends on whom he could trust with closed eyes also. They were Rahul,Shourya and Yakib . As he was in class tenth as all other parents his parents were also tensed about his future and as a result of it they entered Raj into a coaching institute named "Anand Coachings".Raj was not a very intelligent student but it was okay for him as in the field he wanted to go there he didn't needed this bookish knowledge but his parents were against his dreams. According to his parents, he was not so mature that he can take decisions for his future and they were forcing him to be an IAS officer and for that his parents were trying their best to change his mindset and bring the reality of the world in front of him. Almost every second day there used to be a debate in his house on this topic.His father always used to say that one day will come when you will realize that your dreams were all wrong and till the time you will realize this it will be too late. Raj used to share all this with his bestest friend Rahul whose himself dream was to be a Actor. Raj's life was not going normal.He was fed up with all this. He was not able to understand that why his dreams were wrong. He was fed up that why he is been forced for studies. During all these his first unit test came in which he didn't scored good marks. Things began to shutter for him. His father gave him the last warning that if in the final exams he will not get more than 90% he will throw him out of the house. Raj was totally broken. One day when he was about to board the school bus to go back to his house his eyes stopped at one girl. For him it was like that everything stopped at that very moment and he suddenly got disbalanced as he was standing on the mid of two stairs of the bus and he falls down. As he fall away, the girl's bus went away. raj got very much disappointed. He told about the girl to Rahul. Next day in the school they both tried to find the girl whole day but the were unable to do so. Raj got very sad. They both tried to find her for almost a week but they were unable to. Raj thus decided to forget her. Rahul by mistake told this incident to Yakib and Shourya. Yakib was famous among his friends as "encyclopedia" as he used to have information about each and every student of the school. Yakib thus decided to find out that girl for which he requested to Raj to tell him all the things he knew about the girl. Raj tried to remember at his best but even after all the tries the only thing which he was able to recollect was that the girl was having a blue colored bag. Yakib thus decided to stop searching the girl as there were almost more than 1000 girl students who were having blue colored bags. So after all the failed attempts to find the girl the search ended. Raj finally decided to stop the search as he lost the hope that he can find her now. Three Months Passed Away And Independence Day Was About To Come.................. It was 12th August. The practice for the Independence day were on the full flow. Shourya , one of the best friend of Raj, came to Raj and said to him that he has fallen in love with a girl and forces him to come with him to see that girl. Raj was not in a mood to see the girl but after many requests of Shourya he decided to go with him but the girl was no more there. Shourya and Raj both came back disappointed. Then on the day of independence day as the programme was going on , the anchor announced that now a class 7th girl, Sharadini Joshi is going to have a solo singing performance. For everyone it was like an another performance but as the performance began, after the one minute performance took place the whole auditorium was silent. Each and everyone was so lost in the performance that if at that moment anyone would have made any type of noise he would be killed by the students and as soon as the performance got over the applause which was given to this girl was the one which cannot be defined. Raj suddenly realized that the girl for which he was looking at that time was the same who was singing the song. He was very much excited about it and he told it to Rahul also that finally he has found the girl. On the same day as soon as he reached home he sent the friend request to Sharadini on Friendbook. He waited the whole day for the acceptance of the request but it didn't took place. After a week time also it didn't took place. Atlast Raj thought that Sharadini didn't wanted to be his friend. Sharadini Joshi, an 12 year old girl, born in Hong Kong, did his education of upto class 6th from Delhi and after that she came to Dehradun. She was a born singer. Her voice was just like the nightingale . Her aim was to become a playback singer of bollywood but before entering bollywood she wanted to record an album for his uncle who was running a music studio. In his family it was just opposite as of Raj's family. His family was very supportive for her in his future career adaptation. One day Shourya goes to Yakib and takes him to the school canteen where he shows him a girl standing with her friends. He tells him that this is the girl for which he has fallen in love. Yakib when sees her thinks that she has seen this girl earlier also but he was not able to recollect. He congratulates Shourya for having a good choice but after a while he realizes that it is the same girl whom Raj also loves i.e. Sharadini. He gets a great shock. He was not able to understand that what he should do now. He tells about this to Rahul. Rahul says to Yakib that should discuss this matter to Raj and Shourya but Yakib disagrees. Yakib says that it will create differences between both the friends. Thus both Rahul and Yakib decides to not talk about this matter to Raj and Shourya. Then comes the day when announcement of Inter House Debate Competition in school took place......... As Raj was a good debater he was picked for the competition by her house mistress for the competition. It was just like an another competition for Raj and he was not at all excited about it till the point he got the information from Rahul who used to go from Sharadini's bus only that Sharadini was talking to her friend about this competition and wanted to be a part of it and the best part of which Raj realized was that Sharadini was in the same house as of Raj. Raj immediately went to her house mistress and gave the name of Sharadini as her partner for the debate competition. The house mistress without much if's and but's agreed to take her. Raj thought that it is the best time when he and Sharadini can be good friends. Sharadini was unaware about this that who has given her name for the competition and she thought that the teacher has herself chosen her. Sharadini was really excited about this. The teacher gave this news to Sharadini at the end of the day with also telling that a boy of class 10th named Raj is going to be her partner for the competition. The next day the house mistress of their house called both of them to her to tell her about the topic of the debate. It was the first time after the independence day that Raj saw Sharadini for such a long time. He was just lost in her beauty. The house mistress told both of them to go to music room or dance room whichever is empty and start the practice for the debate and she will be coming in a small span of time. Both Raj and Sharadini went to music room. They both started to write their debate but as the time was progressing Raj was lost in just seeing Sharadini and talking to her. Sharadini was also enjoying the stupid jokes and talks of Raj. They both spent more then 3 hours together. For Raj it was the best day of his life. As Raj just wanted some or the another reason to talk to Sharadini, at the end of the school when Raj was going towards his bus he just stopped and went to Sharadini to say just a simple thing to her that was "prepare the debate byheart". That day Sharadini accepted Raj's friend request also on Friendbook. They both talked for a long time on friendbook also. Raj was just thinking that this day should not end. After that day to the day of the debate competition which was after a week everything was going just awesome for Raj. They both were now very very good friends from Raj's point of view. THEN CAME THE DAY OF DEBATE COMPETITION........ As from so many days Shourya was not coming to school due to a fracture in his right hand, on the day of debate he also came. He was aware that Raj liked a girl but he was not aware that the girl is the same whom he also liked which was Sharadini. As both Raj and Sharadini were just about to go for their turn in the debate competition, Shourya saw Sharadini. After the debate got over and results were about to be announced Shourya goes and tells Raj that the girl which he wanted him to meet on that day and whom he liked is none other than Sharadini. It was like a shock for Raj. For him it was a current of 2000000 watts. As son he got this news, the result of the debate competition were also declared in which Raj and Sharadini won the second place. Sharadini was very much excited because she was even not expecting a rank in top 3. Sharadini came running to Raj and congratulates him. Raj was not understanding that how he should react to this situation. Raj went to Yakib and told him all the story after which he got to know that Rahul and Yakib were knowing about this truth. Raj was very sad after knowing all this. As Raj arrived to his house, all day he just tried to think and find a solution for this problem. At the end he decided TO FORGET SHARADINI AND LEAVE HER FOR HIS FRIEND SHOURYA. The next day Raj promised Shourya that he will try his best to bring Shourya and Sharadini in relationship. After listening to this decision of Raj , both Rahul and Yakib were in great shock. They were not able to understand that how one can leave his love for a friend. But after the request of Raj they both also agreed to help Raj in his mission. The same day Raj talked to Sharadini about Shourya and his feeling for her. Sharadini refused for any type of relationship as she was finding the age gap between the both as one of the main issue. After that day Raj in some or the other way always tried to bring Sharadini and Shourya close to each other. One day Shourya came to Raj and said that he is looking for a girl for relationship outside the school and if she agrees for it he is no more interested in Sharadini but if she doesn't then she will surely like to be with Sharadini. This gave Raj a big shock . He was not able to understand that how can a boy play with a girl's feeling and can say like this. How can a boy say that first he wants that girl but if that girl is not agreeing i will try out on this girl ? At the very same moment he decided that he is not gonna help Shourya anymore as he don't want any girl to be a victim of such type of activity. He goes to Sharadini at the very same moment and says to her that whatever I told you about Shourya and his feelings for you that all was wrong. He also apologized to her for forcing her to be in a relationship with him. Sharadini accepts his apologize and they become more close friends as she realizes that Raj instead of helping his friend helped her in getting to know the reality of Shourya. During all these process there was someone who was able to see Raj's love for Sharadini and it was none other than Sharadini's best friend Sadhvi Rawat. As soon as time passed Raj's feeling began to be more stronger and stronger. Now for Raj his love was changing into a passion. His love was changing into the only goal of his life. Raj was now thinking that it is the best time for him to propose Sharadini but on the day when he was about to propose Sharadini, Sadhvi asks Raj that do you have some feelings for her friend or not ? She says that she has seen that in his behaviour and eyes that something is there which he always tries to hide. She says that if something is there he should tell her as she can help him. Raj after thinking for a long time decides to tell her the whole story with taking a promise from her that she will not talk about this to Sharadini. Sadhvi promises it to Raj. As now Sadhvi was also knowing about this, Raj used to be in a little tension that if Sadhvi tells Sharadini about it what will happen ? He wanted to tell Sharadini about his feelings himself. So he decided to tell her about that. The same day when they both were chatting with each other, Raj asked Sharadini about her feelings for him as a friend. Sharadini replied that they both are very close friends now. This statement of Sharadini ignited a hope in Raj's heart and at the very same moment he proposed her and expressed all his feelings for her. Sharadini's first reaction was that he should not do such types of serious jokes but as she got to know that it was not a joke she was shocked. She was not able to understand that how she should reply to him but she did. She replied that Raj it is not possible for me to accept you as my bf. She said that for her word like relationship and love don't exist. She said that she has seen so much in her life till now that she can't trust and love anyone. She said that she can't be his girlfriend but they can be good friends. Raj was broken by her this reply. He tried to ask her that what had happened to her in the past about which she was talking about but she refused to tell him and she took a promise from him that he will never talk about this relationship and all again. Raj with a heavy heart promised to her. For the next few days Raj was totally lost. The fun lover Raj became a serious but lonely guy. He didn't told about this to any of his friend also but as Rahul was very close to Raj as a friend and especially on this matter thats why he realized that something terrible has taken place which has broken Raj from inside. Rahul asks Raj about it and after getting forced from him Raj tells each and everything to Rahul and he just bursted into tears at that moment. Rahul was not understanding that how he should react in this situation but as being his closest friend and seeing the bad condition of his friend he decided to help him to get out of this state of mind and bring Sharadini in his life. The very same day Rahul went to Sadhvi and asked her to convince Sharadini and say her to come in relationship with Raj. Sadhvi was not aware about some facts about this talk. She was little unclear about what she needs to talk to Sharadini. She decided to talk to Raj directly. When she met Raj , he was in a very sad mood. Raj told almost everything to Sadhvi but hided the fact that Sharadini has already rejected her proposal. Sadhvi agreed to help Raj. Sadhvi after reaching home made a call to Sharadini. Sadhvi talked to her about Raj and his feelings for her. When Sharadini told Sadhvi that she had already rejected his proposal Sadhvi was shocked as this thing was hided from her by both Rahul and Raj directly. But as Sadhvi really respected Raj and was knowing that his feelings for her are true she didn't reacted in any manner to both of them. She said to Sharadini that she should rethink about her decision as she really think that Raj is not a guy who will cheat her and Raj really loves you. As being her best friend Sharadini kept her words and promised to her that she will try to rethink about it. On the other hand, As Raj was already very broken, he stopped eating anything. He stopped talking to his friends. Everytime he was found listening to sad songs and posting sad statuses on Friendbook. He started losing his temper very frequently. He started fighting with many of his friends even on small issues. No one was able to understand the reason behind his this attitude except Rahul and Yakib. One day Sadhvi's very good friend Sumita who also was aware about Raj and his feelings went to Raj to talk to her. She said to Raj that you don't need to react like this when you have so many friends. You don't know the reason behind Sharadini's rejection to you. She called Sadhvi also. She asked Sadhvi to tell her all the truth of Sharadini's past . At first Sadhvi refused to tell as she had promised Sharadini that she will never talk about this to anyone without her approval but after the force of Sumita she agreed to tell it to Raj. She said," Sharadini don't have any problem from you. When Sharadini came into the school last year after three months she went in the relationship with a guy. They both were in the relationship for more than 5 months but after that they broke up because that guy started started insulting her. That guy started making fun of Sharadini publically. But the limits were crossed when one day that guy slapped her in front of his friends. Sharadini at the same point slapped him back too but also took a broke up from him. Sharadini was totally broken after this incident and at the very same point she decided that she will never get into the relationship with anyone in future. After 8 months another boy came in her life, he also showed her love to her in the same manner Raj you are showing. As Sharadini was totally broken she refused his proposal but after his many attempts and promises Sharadini went in the relationship. But after the end of the summer vacation of this semester, Sharadini got to know that the guy was cheating her. That guy was having a relationship with another girl also at the same point of time. At first Sharadini didn't believed to all this but when she given proofs of this it was like and earthquake in her life. She was not knowing that how she should react in this situation. She was looking just like a dead body. As expected she broke up with that guy. She was just broken. Her believe on the words like love and relationships was lost. She promised to me and Sumita that she will never go into any type of relationship with any guy because for her each and every boy is same now. Sharadini started concentrating on her singing and studies after that. After that incident also she received almost 3 to 5 proposals excluding yours. For her it is almost impossible to come back in relationship with anyone now. She really respects you Raj but just as a friend as she can't think beyond this anymore. Please try to understand her problem as she is right on her part. You are a nice guy but she can't give you that position in her heart which you want." After listening to all this Raj bursted into tears. Sumita controlled Raj. She told Raj that you should try to forget her and just be her friend and close friend. They promised Raj that they both are with him and will try to convince her but they also told Raj that they can't force her in any manner as they know about her past and their humanity will not allow them. Raj understood this. Raj tried to be normal. She went to Sharadini and said to her that please try to forget all the things which I told you about my feelings and let's be just friends now. Sharadini agreed to this. Raj even half heartedly but accepted this. But after this also Raj was not normal. His friends were sure that they have lost the Raj which was earlier there. There friends were aware that maybe Raj is present her physically but mentally he is still in the thoughts of Sharadini.They were unaware that now Raj knows about the past of Sharadini. One day Rahul asked Yakib to go to Sharadini and ask her that is she interested to be in relationship with Raj or not. Yakib went to her and told her that Raj is in a very bad condition mentally and please tell that are you interested in being in a relationship or not. As soon he asked her Sharadini replied that she don't know but Yakib misunderstood her this reply. Yakib himself thought that Sharadini is interested in being in a relationship and because of this he went to Raj and Rahul and told them that she is interested. Raj was shocked but happy after receiving this news. He got overjoyed after this. Rahul told Raj that he should not believe on Yakib's words so easily but Raj was so much excited that he did not cared about Rahul's words. He was just waiting for the time when the school will get over and he can meet her. As soon as the school ended he ran to meet her but on his way only he found her. Before he could have said anything she said to him " Raj why are you being sad ? I have told you my decision earlier also and everything was okay between us so why you are getting sad now. Why are you sending Yakib bhaiya to me for asking if you are interested in a relationship or not. Raj I can't see you sad because of me so please try to move on as you already did." Raj was shocked after listening to this statement of Sharadini as the thing which Yakib told to him were totally different from this. He just bursted out of anger at the very same moment and he just said to Sharadini to go out of her sight at this moment, he will talk to her later. Sharadini felt really very insulted. She was about to cry as it was the first time anyone talked to her in a rude manner. Sharadini went out of that place. Raj immediately went to talk to Yakib that how he can he say such a big lie. How he can play with the feelings of anyone. Raj after listening to Yakib just went out of that place. The next day Yakib again went to Sharadini and asked her that whatever you said to me yesterday was totally different from what you said to Raj. What is in your mind ? Sharadini told him that she said the same what she said to Raj and you only misunderstood her words and manipulated her words. Yakib realized her mistake and came back to Raj and told him his mistake. Raj got really angry on Yakib. Rahul came to Raj and said to him that you should have heard me when I was saying that you should not believe on Yakib so easily. Raj realized his mistake. Raj also realized that he had talked in a very bad manner to Sharadini. he tried to meet Sharadini but she totally ignored him and told Rahul and Yakib that she is not at all interested in talking to Raj anymore and even not interested in being a friend too of Raj. Raj tried his best to apologize to her but this time she was not in a mood to forgive him because it was second time he did this act and now it was a limit. Raj was broken by this. Raj decided that he will not leave any stone unturned to say sorry to Sharadini. He started sending almost 10 to 20 messages of sorry to her. He started to apologizing to her publicly but it all was not making any difference. It was looking like the end of their friendship. It was looking like an end of a hope. Raj was almost over now. But always in these type of situations one incident can change anything. Even a single statement can change everything. Here also the things changed. Yakib realized his fault. Yakib decided that he will change Sharadini's decision. Yakib decided that he will tell the truth of Raj to Sharadini. Yakib messaged to Sharadini that," Every time when Raj says that he didn't had any gf but it's not a truth..... When we were in class 8 he had a gf..... They were in a relationship For more than 3 months but in all this time Raj was getting cheated by that girl..... That girl was in a relationship with some other guy also at the same time..... As soon as I got to know about this I told it to Raj but as he loved her so much he refused to listen to me...... And after two months when one day by mistake the friendbook id of that girl was left open in Raj's phone when showed Raj all the messages of that girl to the other guy...... This incident was the changing point of his life........On that day his breakup took place but his trust on girls also was broken.... He even stopped talking to girls and he didn't talked to any girl since the starting of this session but when he saw you and talked to you, slowly slowly his faith on girls started to came back .....He was broken almost all these years..... He was almost alone all these years.......He even stopped the use of Friendbook for almost 1 year......... Sharadini I just want that you please accept his apologies and I guarantee he will not repeat this act...........Sharadini you don't come into relationship with him but please be his friend only." After listening to all this Sharadini thought to forgive Raj but on the same day she received a message from Raj too. The message was like "I just wanted to say sorry to you Sharadini....... Sharadini I know that you have a very tragic past......... I will not say that my past is more tragic than you but I will say it is equal...... I will not tell about my past if you are not interested to know it..... If you want to know tell me otherwise please just forgive me and accept my apologize......". After reading this message Sharadini replied to her that "Yaah sure..And when did i say that my past was bad...or i m not moving ahead because of it and i m happy of my past as I have learned a lot from it.". Raj was almost sure after reading her this message that she has not rejected his proposal due to her past. He was sure that for her he is just a good friend and he should respect her decision. So to tell her this he messaged to he that "I know you are angry with me...Ok don't keep relationship with me...But at least be my friend...There is no harm in being a friend......I will never talk about relationship...but be my friend....and lets start a new friendship life...Just a last chance .. a last...........if you want you can slap me in front of everyone but please sharadini just a last chance.....". At last she forgive him with taking a promise that he will not repeat this activity again in his life. Raj promised to her that he will do this activity and he will never talk about any type of relationship from her side in future. Everything was sorted out. After this incident for more than 2 months things were not normal as the starting of their relationship but each and every day it was getting better. And As in the starting only I said that every love has his time the only thing the lover needs to do is wait for that right time and God will make sure that love finds its way. As Raj's feeling were true and his love was never ending, that day came........ He waited for 2 years. For these two years he didn't talked to Sharadini for the relationship even once as he had promised it to her. It was the last day of Raj's schooling career. Raj went to Sharadini to say her the last goodbye of his life to her as he was unsure that after the results of 12th he is going to be where.What has life decided for him in the future. They both talked for almost 2 hours. As Raj started to leave the place Sharadini asked her,"Raj do you have the feeling of love in your heart for me? Do you still love me ? Raj I want to tell you that it took me a long time to understand you and your feelings for me but now I have realized that 2 years back the decision which I took might be was right at that time but now I can say that if today I will not change my decision then I will not be able to forgive myself and I will be cheating myself. I have realized your feelings were not the same like the other guys. Your love for me was true. I can't force you now to get into a relationship with me as I have hurted you so much now but I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE YOU RAJ...... I LOVE YOU. " After saying all this she bursted into tears. Raj too bursted into tears and he hugged her. They both remained in that position i.e. hugging while crying for more than 10 minutes. After that controlling himself Raj said,"Sharadini I waited for this moment for more than 2 years and how can you think now that I will not accept you. I never talked to you about the relationship because I had promised you but all this time each and every day I was living, my love for you was increasing. If today you have not expressed your feelings then I would have kept waiting for the change of your decision for the lifetime because true love happens for once only and it happened to me two years back to you. My heart was not with me for last 2 years because I had given it to you but today it returned to me but half because the other half is yours now." They both again huggd each other. After this they both went to Sadhvi and Sumita where Raj said thanks to both of them for being so friendly and acting as a motivator for him for this time span. He especially thanked Sumita for standing with him in each and every moment of his life. After that they both went to Rahul, Yakib and Shourya where he thanked all of them for being such a great friends. All four hugged each other and were crying out of joy. At present Raj is doing work with Yash Raj films as an associate director wherever Sharadini has launched her four albums. It has been more than four years for their relationship and they both are very happy together. Rahul has become one of the biggest superstar of the bollywood whereas Sadhvi is the most famous fashion designer at present. Sumita is running her own business of cosmetics and her company is the leader in the market . Yakib is an civil engineer and Shourya is and Computer Software engineer working in Chicago. It was just a simple story of one sided love...... A love which never ended from one end and at the last found its right place......Maybe it took a long time but it did found so never stop your love because if you will try to stop loving someone you are stopping yourself from being yourself.......... ---------------------------------------THE END-----------------------------------------

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