Peeta's point of after Katniss sent the arena crumbling to bits.....


2. Chapter two

I woke with a start, my dreams torturing me. All through the night I Heard screams. Her screams. And I couldn't stop them from playing in my mind. Non stop.

"Good morning Peeta." A cool voice spoke. Immediately the intense, too sweet smell of white roses wafted past my nose.

"Snow." I growled balling my fingers into fists. The anger flooded me, trying to control me. I tried to calm it but it's too strong, too strong,

"Snow." I said again, waiting for a response or answer. He just smiled. It sent shivers up my back. I started gritting my teeth. Control Peeta. I keep telling myself. Snow continued to smile and handed me a glass full if a clear shimmering liquid.

"Drink." He said, with an evil tone. I took the glass, it looked like water. I brought the glass to my lips and I realized my hands were shaking. I downed the drink and with the anger I have been trying to keep in, Inlet it go, like Katniss would of with her arrows.

"GET OUT!!!" I screamed chucking the glass at Snow's head and finishing with a satisfying crash and glass shattering on the floor. Snow fell on the glass, blood oozing from his lips.

"Get out." I repeating, all ready calming down. Snow crawled out the room. I now felt more calm, too calm. It traveled through my veins, and I eventually became tired, I could not go on. I lay my head down and shut my eyes, knowing I would only wake again from her screams.....

I began to dream. I was in the arena, smearing mud on my face and arms, camouflaging myself from the rest. I heard screams and then Katniss sprinting out the forest. She was carrying something. Whatever it was, it was dripping blood. The air, was oddly shinny, shimmering in the sun. I looked at Katniss again and with a gut squishing feeling I realised what she was carring.

It was Rue. Blood pouring from a wound.

"Katniss!" I screamed but she didn't respond. I screamed again.

"Shut up!" She squealed. Pushing her finger to her lips. Her finger was red. What did she do? I thought. I wanted to scream, she ran towards me.

"Shut up or you will be next Mellark." She snarled

"You did this?" I asked and she smiled. "You want to win don't you?"

Then I woke up. I was shaking. It can't be real. I get up and run, not sure where, but I run. I come to a tv. It was playing a movie. It was my first games. Its the same scene from the dream. Its real, all real. I need to scream. But I've lost my voice. I am shaking. I realize. I am scared.

I screamed. I need help. Why did she do it? She lied,

"I CAN'T TAKE IT!!" I screamed, hoping someone would hear me. Someone who will tell me its okay. Tell me I'm okay.

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