Peeta's point of after Katniss sent the arena crumbling to bits.....


3. Chapter three

I was shaking. I can't tell whats right or wrong. The world just kept spinning never ceasing to settle on a certain spot. I tried to focus on one point, and I noticed the world around me was in chaos. Had they seen the video? I began to walk, but my head was spinning to fast.

"Peeta." I heard a voice speak. I looked up to see a young girl with oddly mint colored hair. At least I think. The hair colour could be the result of the earth's increased rotation on it's axis.

"Peeta." She repeated grabbing my wrist, "I have something to show you." She sprinted down the hallway dragging my with her, I had no choice but to join the race. Finally she pulled to a stop. And gestured towards a door.

"Go on in." And nodded. I turned to face the door, slowly placing a hand on the door nob. It was cold. Like I was holding a vampires hand. I walked into the room. A screen. As I walked closer, it showcased a burning building, a hospital. It was in flames and people were running around. Frantic.

"What happened here?" I asked, not to anyone in particular.

"They used Mockingjay symbols. Snow blew it up." The girl responded. And stared at the screen, "Katniss is alive." As soon as the words escaped her mouth a pain attacked my heart.

"If we burn." I heard a voice say. It was hers, "then you BURN WITH US!!!" Katniss screamed on the screen. The mockingjay is alive. In District Thirteen. Alive.

"Peeta get your ass over here." I heard the purple haired Ceaser say. "You got to convince that Katniss is doing wrong okay?" I nodded a strange feeling dwindling in my chest. Is it love? Or hate?

"We are going to have to bomb thirteen." A silent whisper spoke. Possibly not for my ears. "Tomorrow. Early."

I ran towards a camera. I switched it on. I have to domsomething.

"Thirteen. Save yourself. They are coming, bombs. Hide. I repeat, they are coming!" I switched the camera off hoping the broadcast went to thirteen. Snow came up to me. An evil smile forcefully stretched across his face. He handed me a glass full of more shimmering water.

"You know what to do Mellark." Then I nodded, swallowed the weird drink and fell asleep. Sleep. Just the cure. I hope that thirteen is safe. I hope... She is safe.

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